Index of DFHack tools

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3dveins Rewrite layer veins to expand in 3D space.
adaptation Adjust a unit's cave adaptation level.
add-recipe Add crafting recipes to a civ.
add-spatter (plugin) Add poisons and magical effects to weapons.
add-thought Adds a thought to the selected unit.
agitation-rebalance Make agitated wildlife and cavern invasions less persistent.
alias Configure helper aliases for other DFHack commands.
allneeds Summarize the cumulative needs of a unit or the entire fort.
animal-control Quickly view, butcher, or geld groups of animals.
aquifer Add, remove, or modify aquifers.
armoks-blessing Bless units with superior stats and traits.
assign-attributes Adjust physical and mental attributes.
assign-beliefs Adjust a unit's beliefs and values.
assign-facets Adjust a unit's facets and traits.
assign-goals Adjust a unit's goals and dreams.
assign-minecarts Assign minecarts to hauling routes.
assign-preferences Adjust a unit's preferences.
assign-skills Adjust a unit's skills.
autobutcher Automatically butcher excess livestock.
autochop Auto-harvest trees when low on stockpiled logs.
autoclothing Automatically manage clothing work orders.
autodump Instantly gather or destroy items marked for dumping.
autodump-destroy-here Destroy items marked for dumping under the keyboard cursor.
autofarm Automatically manage farm crop selection.
autofish Auto-manage fishing labors to control your stock of fish.
autolabor Automatically manage dwarf labors.
autonestbox Auto-assign egg-laying female pets to nestbox zones.
autonick Give dwarves random unique nicknames.
autoslab (plugin) Automatically engrave slabs for ghostly citizens.
alltraffic Set traffic designations for every single tile of the map.
ban-cooking Protect useful items from being cooked.
blueprint Record a live game map in a quickfort blueprint.
brainwash Set the personality of a dwarf to an ideal.
build-now Instantly completes building construction jobs.
buildingplan Plan building layouts with or without materials.
burial Create tomb zones for unzoned coffins.
burrow Quickly adjust burrow tiles and units.
bprobe Display low-level properties of the selected building.
caravan Adjust properties of caravans on the map.
catsplosion Cause pregnancies.
changeitem Change item material, quality, and subtype.
changelayer Change the material of an entire geology layer.
changevein Change the material of a mineral inclusion.
cleanconst Cleans up construction materials.
cleaners (plugin) Provides commands for cleaning spatter from the map.
clean Removes contaminants.
cleanowned Confiscates and dumps garbage owned by dwarves.
clear-smoke Removes all smoke from the map.
clear-webs Removes all webs from the map.
cls Clear the terminal screen.
colonies Manipulate vermin colonies and hives.
combat-harden Set the combat-hardened value on a unit.
combine Combine items that can be stacked together.
confirm Adds confirmation dialogs for destructive actions.
control-panel Configure DFHack and manage active DFHack tools.
createitem Create arbitrary items.
cursecheck Check for cursed creatures.
cxxrandom (plugin) Provides a Lua API for random distributions.
cprobe Display low-level properties of the selected unit.
deathcause Find out the cause of death for a creature.
debug (plugin) Provides commands for controlling debug log verbosity.
debugfilter Configure verbosity of DFHack debug output.
deep-embark Start a fort deep underground.
deramp Removes all ramps designated for removal from the map.
design (plugin) Draws designations in shapes.
devel/all-bob Changes the first name of all units to "Bob"..
devel/annc-monitor Track announcements and reports and echo them to the console.
devel/block-borders Outline map blocks on the map screen.
devel/check-other-ids Verify that game entities are referenced by the correct vectors.
devel/check-release Perform basic checks for DFHack release readiness.
devel/clear-script-env Clear a lua script environment.
devel/click-monitor Displays the grid coordinates of mouse clicks in the console.
devel/dump-offsets Dump the contents of the table of global addresses.
devel/dump-rpc Dump RPC endpoint info.
devel/dump-tooltip-ids Generate main_hover_instruction enum XML structures.
devel/eventful-client Simple client for testing event callbacks.
devel/export-dt-ini Export memory addresses for Dwarf Therapist configuration.
devel/find-primitive Discover memory offsets for new variables.
devel/hello-world A basic GUI example script.
devel/input-monitor Live monitor and logger for input events.
devel/inspect-screen Show glyph, color, and texture info for screen and map tiles.
devel/lsmem Print memory ranges of the DF process.
devel/modstate-monitor Display changes in key modifier state.
devel/pop-screen Forcibly closes the current screen.
devel/print-args Echo parameters to the output.
devel/print-args2 Echo parameters to the output.
devel/query Search/print data algorithmically.
devel/save-version Display what DF version has handled the current save.
devel/sc Scan DF structures for errors.
devel/scan-vtables Scan for and print likely vtable addresses.
devel/scanitemother Display the item lists that the selected item is part of.
devel/send-key Deliver key input to a viewscreen.
devel/spawn-unit-helper Prepares the game for spawning creatures by switching to arena.
devel/tile-browser Browse graphical tile textures by their texpos values.
devel/visualize-structure Display raw memory of a DF data structure.
die Instantly exit DF without saving.
dig (plugin) Provides commands for designating tiles for digging.
digv Designate all of the selected vein for digging.
digvx Dig a vein across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digl Dig all of the selected layer stone.
diglx Dig layer stone across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digcircle Designate circles.
digtype Designate all vein tiles of the same type as the selected tile.
digexp Designate dig patterns for exploratory mining.
dig-now Instantly complete dig designations.
diplomacy View or alter diplomatic relationships.
disable Deactivate a DFHack tool that has some persistent effect.
dwarfvet Allow animals to be treated at hospitals.
elevate-mental Set mental attributes of a dwarf to an ideal.
elevate-physical Set physical attributes of a dwarf to an ideal.
embark-skills Adjust dwarves' skills when embarking.
emigration Allow dwarves to emigrate from the fortress when stressed.
empty-bin Empty the contents of containers onto the floor.
enable Activate a DFHack tool that has some persistent effect.
eventful (plugin) Provides a Lua API for reacting to in-game events.
exportlegends Exports extended legends data for external viewing.
exterminate Kill things.
extinguish Put out fires.
fastdwarf Citizens walk fast and and finish jobs instantly.
faststart (plugin) Makes the main menu appear sooner.
feature Control discovery flags for map features.
fillneeds Temporarily satisfy the needs of a unit.
filltraffic Set traffic designations using flood-fill starting at the cursor.
firestarter Lights things on fire.
fix/blood-del Removes unusable liquids from caravan manifests.
fix/civil-war Removes a civil war.
fix/corrupt-jobs Removes jobs with an id of -1 from units.
fix/dead-units Remove dead units from the list so migrants can arrive again.
fix/drop-webs Make floating webs drop to the ground.
fix/dry-buckets Allow discarded water buckets to be used again.
fix/empty-wheelbarrows Empties stuck items from wheelbarrows.
fix/engravings Fixes unengravable corrupted tiles so they are able to be engraved.
fix/general-strike Prevent dwarves from getting stuck and refusing to work.
fix/loyaltycascade Halts loyalty cascades where dwarves are fighting dwarves.
fix/noexert-exhaustion Prevents NOEXERT units from getting tired when training.
fix/ownership Fixes instances of units claiming the same item or an item they don't own.
fix/protect-nicks Fix nicknames being erased or not displayed.
fix/retrieve-units Allow stuck offscreen units to enter the map.
fix/stable-temp Solve FPS issues caused by fluctuating temperature.
fix/stuck-instruments Allow bugged instruments to be interacted with again.
fix/stuck-merchants Dismiss merchants that are stuck off the edge of the map.
fix/stuck-worship Prevent dwarves from getting stuck in Worship! states.
fix/stuckdoors Allow doors that are stuck open to close.
flashstep Teleport your adventurer to the mouse cursor.
flows Counts map blocks with flowing liquids.
forbid Forbid and list forbidden items on the map.
force Trigger in-game events.
fpause Forces DF to pause.
full-heal Fully heal the selected unit.
gaydar Shows the sexual orientation of units.
geld Geld and ungeld animals.
getplants Designate trees for chopping and shrubs for gathering.
ghostly Toggles an adventurer's ghost status.
gui/aquifer View, add, remove, or modify aquifers.
gui/autobutcher Automatically butcher excess livestock.
gui/autochop Auto-harvest trees when low on stockpiled logs.
gui/autodump Teleport or destroy items.
gui/autofish Auto-manage fishing labors to control your stock of fish.
gui/biomes Visualize and inspect biome regions on the map.
gui/blueprint Record a live game map in a quickfort blueprint.
gui/civ-alert Quickly get your civilians to safety.
gui/confirm Configure which confirmation dialogs are enabled.
gui/control-panel Configure DFHack and manage active DFHack tools.
gui/cp437-table Virtual keyboard for typing with the mouse.
gui/create-item Summon items from the aether.
gui/design Design designation utility with shapes.
gui/embark-anywhere Embark wherever you want.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
gui/gm-unit Inspect and edit unit attributes.
gui/launcher In-game DFHack command launcher with integrated help.
gui/liquids Interactively paint liquids onto the map.
gui/mass-remove Mass select things to remove.
gui/masspit Designate creatures for pitting.
gui/mod-manager Save and restore lists of active mods.
gui/notify Show notifications for important events.
gui/overlay Reposition DFHack overlay widgets.
gui/pathable Highlights tiles reachable from the selected tile.
gui/petitions List guildhall and temple agreements.
gui/prerelease-warning Shows a warning if you are using a pre-release build of DFHack.
gui/quantum Quickly and easily create quantum stockpiles.
gui/quickcmd Quickly run saved commands.
gui/quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
gui/reveal Reveal map tiles.
gui/sandbox Create units, trees, or items.
gui/seedwatch Manages seed and plant cooking based on seed stock levels.
gui/settings-manager Import and export DF settings.
gui/suspendmanager Intelligently suspend and unsuspend jobs.
gui/teleport Teleport units anywhere.
gui/unit-info-viewer Display detailed information about a unit.
gui/unit-syndromes Inspect syndrome details.
help Display help about a command or plugin.
hermit Go it alone in your fortress and attempt the hermit challenge.
hfs-pit Creates a pit straight to the underworld.
hide Hide the DFHack terminal window.
hide-interface Hide the interface layer.
hide-tutorials Hide new fort tutorial popups.
hotkeys Show all DFHack keybindings for the current context.
install-info Exports information about DFHack for bug reports.
instruments Show how to craft instruments or create work orders for them.
item Perform bulk operations on groups of items.
keybinding Create hotkeys that will run DFHack commands.
kill-lua Gracefully stop any currently-running Lua scripts.
load-art-image-chunk Gets an art image chunk by index.
lair Prevent item scatter when a site is reclaimed or visited.
lever Inspect and pull levers.
light-aquifers-only Change heavy and varied aquifers to light aquifers.
liquids Place magma, water or obsidian.
liquids-here Spawn liquids on the selected tile.
list-agreements List guildhall and temple agreements.
list-waves Show migration wave information.
load Load and register a plugin library.
locate-ore Scan the map for metal ores.
logistics Automatically mark and route items in monitored stockpiles.
ls List available DFHack commands.
lua Run Lua script commands.
luasocket (plugin) Provides a Lua API for accessing network sockets.
make-legendary Boost skills of the selected dwarf.
make-monarch Crown the selected unit as a monarch.
makeown Converts the selected unit to be a fortress citizen.
markdown Export displayed text to a Markdown file.
migrants-now Trigger a migrant wave.
misery Make citizens more miserable.
modtools/add-syndrome Add and remove syndromes from units.
modtools/create-item Create arbitrary items.
modtools/force Trigger game events.
modtools/if-entity Run DFHack commands based on the the civ id of the current fort.
modtools/item-trigger Run DFHack commands when a unit uses an item.
modtools/skill-change Modify unit skills.
modtools/spawn-liquid Spawn a liquid at a given position.
multicmd Run multiple DFHack commands.
necronomicon Find books that contain the secrets of life and death.
nestboxes (plugin) Protect fertile eggs incubating in a nestbox.
on-new-fortress Run commands when a fortress is first started.
once-per-save Run commands only if they haven't been run before in this world.
open-legends Open a legends screen from fort or adventure mode.
orders Manage manager orders.
overlay Manage on-screen overlay widgets.
pathable (plugin) Marks tiles that are reachable from the cursor.
pet-uncapper Modify the pet population cap.
plug List available plugins and whether they are enabled.
points Sets available points at the embark screen.
position Report cursor and mouse position, along with other info.
pref-adjust Set the preferences of a dwarf to an ideal.
preserve-tombs Preserve tomb assignments when assigned units die.
prioritize Automatically boost the priority of important job types.
probe Display low-level properties of the selected tile.
prospector (plugin) Provides commands that help you analyze natural resources.
prospect Shows a summary of resources that exist on the map.
quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
quicksave Immediately autosave the game.
quickstart-guide In-game quickstart guide for new users of DFHack.
RemoteFortressReader (plugin) Backend for Armok Vision.
RemoteFortressReader_version Print the loaded RemoteFortressReader version.
restrictice Restrict traffic on all tiles on top of visible ice.
restrictliquids Restrict traffic on all visible tiles with liquid.
region-pops Change regional animal populations.
regrass Regrow surface grass and cavern moss.
rejuvenate Resets unit age.
reload Reload a loaded plugin.
remove-stress Reduce stress values for fortress dwarves.
remove-wear Remove wear from items in your fort.
repeat Call a DFHack command at a periodic interval.
resurrect-adv Bring a dead adventurer back to life.
reveal Reveal the map.
revforget Discard records about what was visible before revealing the map.
revtoggle Switch between reveal and unreveal.
revflood Hide everything, then reveal tiles with a path to a unit.
reveal-adv-map Reveal or hide the world map.
reveal-hidden-sites Reveal all sites in the world.
reveal-hidden-units Reveal sneaking units.
spotclean Remove all contaminants from the tile under the cursor.
sc-script Run commands when game state changes occur.
script Execute a batch file of DFHack commands.
seedwatch Manages seed and plant cooking based on seed stock levels.
set-orientation Alter a unit's romantic inclinations.
set-timeskip-duration Modify the duration of the pre-game world update.
setfps Set the graphics FPS cap.
show Unhides the DFHack terminal window.
showmood Shows all items needed for the active strange mood.
sort (plugin) Search and sort lists shown in the DF interface.
source Create an infinite magma or water source.
spectate Automatically follow productive dwarves.
startdwarf Change the number of dwarves you embark with.
starvingdead Prevent infinite accumulation of roaming undead.
stockpiles Import, export, or modify stockpile settings.
stonesense A 3D isometric visualizer.
ssense An alias for stonesense.
strangemood Trigger a strange mood.
stripcaged Remove items from caged prisoners.
superdwarf Make a dwarf supernaturally speedy.
suspend Suspends building construction jobs.
suspendmanager Intelligently suspend and unsuspend jobs.
sync-windmills Synchronize or randomize windmill movement.
tags List the categories of DFHack tools or the tools with those tags.
tailor Automatically keep your dwarves in fresh clothing.
tame Tame and train animals.
teleport Teleport a unit anywhere.
tiletypes Paints tiles of specified types onto the map.
tiletypes-command Run tiletypes commands.
tiletypes-here Paint map tiles starting from the cursor.
tiletypes-here-point Paint the map tile under the cursor.
toggle-kbd-cursor Toggles the keyboard cursor.
trackstop Add dynamic configuration options for track stops.
troubleshoot-item Inspect properties of the selected item.
tubefill Replenishes mined-out adamantine.
twaterlvl Show/hide numeric liquid depth on the map.
tweak A collection of tweaks and bugfixes.
type Describe how a command is implemented.
unreveal Revert a revealed map to its unrevealed state.
unsuspend Resume suspended building construction jobs.
undump-buildings Undesignate building base materials for dumping.
unforbid Unforbid all items.
ungeld Undo gelding for an animal.
uniform-unstick Make military units reevaluate their uniforms.
unload Unload a plugin from memory.
unretire-anyone Adventure as any living historical figure.
warn-stranded Reports citizens who can't reach any other citizens.
weather Change the weather.
work-now Reduce the time that dwarves idle after completing a job.
workorder Create manager workorders.
xlsxreader (plugin) Provides a Lua API for reading xlsx files.