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Import and export stockpile settings.

Command: copystock

Copies the configuration of the selected stockpile.

Keybinding: AltP in dwarfmode/QueryBuilding/Some/Stockpile

Command: savestock

Exports the configuration of the selected stockpile.

Command: loadstock

Imports the configuration of the selected stockpile.

When the plugin is enabled, the q menu of each stockpile will have an option for saving or loading the stockpile settings. See gui/stockpiles for an in-game interface.


enable stockpiles

Add a hotkey that you can hit to easily save and load settings from stockpiles selected in q mode.


Copies the parameters of the currently highlighted stockpile to the custom stockpile settings and switches to custom stockpile placement mode, effectively allowing you to copy/paste stockpiles easily.

savestock <filename>

Saves the currently highlighted stockpile’s settings to a file in your Dwarf Fortress folder. This file can be used to copy settings between game saves or players.

loadstock <filename>

Loads a saved stockpile settings file and applies it to the currently selected stockpile.

Filenames with spaces are not supported. Generated materials, divine metals, etc. are not saved as they are different in every world.


savestock food_settings.dfstock

Export the stockpile settings for the stockpile currently selected in q mode to a file named food_settings.dfstock.

loadstock food_settings.dfstock

Set the selected stockpile settings to those saved in the food_settings.dfstock file.