Commands act upon the stockpile selected in the UI unless another stockpile identifier is specified on the commandline.

When the plugin is enabled, it checks stockpiles marked with automelt, autotrade, autodump, and/or autotrain features twice every in-game day, and will mark valid items/animals in those stockpiles for melting, trading, dumping, and/or training, respectively.

For autotrade, items will be marked for trading only when a caravan is approaching or is already at the trade depot. Items (or bins that contain items) of which a noble has forbidden export will not be marked for trade.

Stockpiles can be registered for logistics features by toggling the options in the stockpiles overlay that comes up when you select a stockpile in the UI.

You can also use this tool to automatically assign trainers to animals that are partially trained but not yet fully domesticated. This is most useful when partially trained parents produce offspring. The offspring will inherit the training level of their parents. If a trainer is not assigned, the juveniles will eventually snap and revert to wild.


enable logistics
logistics [status]
logistics now
logistics add [melt] [trade] [dump] [train] [<options>]
logistics clear [all] [<options>]
logistics (enable|disable) autoretrain



Print a summary of all your stockpiles, their logistics configuration, and the number of items that are designated (or can be designated) by each of the logistics processors.

logistics now

Designate items in monitored stockpiles according to the current configuration. This works regardless of whether logistics is currently enabled.

logistics add melt

Register the currently selected stockpile for automelting. Meltable items that are brought to this stockpile will be designated for melting.

logistics add melt trade -s goblinite

Register the stockpile(s) named “goblinite” for automatic melting and automatic trading. Items will be marked for melting, but any items still in the stockpile when a caravan shows up will be brought to the trade depot for trading.

logistics clear

Unregisters the currently selected stockpile from any monitoring. Any currently designated items will remain designated.

logistics clear -s 12,15,goblinite

Unregisters the stockpiles with stockpile numbers 12 and 15, along with any stockpiles named “goblinite”, from any monitoring.

logistics clear all

Unregister all stockpiles from any monitoring.

logistics enable autoretrain

Monitor animal births and automatically assign trainers to any partially trained animals.


-s, --stockpile <name or number>[,<name or number>...]

Causes the command to act upon stockpiles with the given names or numbers instead of the stockpile that is currently selected in the UI. Note that the numbers are the stockpile numbers, not the building ids.

-m, --melt-masterworks

If specified with a logistics add melt command, will configure the stockpile to allow melting of masterworks. By default, masterworks are not marked for melting, even if they are in an automelt stockpile.