"items" tag index

Tools that interact with in-game items.

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add-spatter (plugin) Make tagged reactions produce contaminants.
autodump (plugin) Automatically set items in a stockpile to be dumped.
autodump Teleports items marked for dumping to the cursor position.
autodump-destroy-here Destroy items marked for dumping under the cursor.
autodump-destroy-item Destroys the selected item.
automelt (plugin) Quickly designate items to be melted.
autotrade (plugin) Quickly designate items to be traded.
ban-cooking Protect entire categories of ingredients from being cooked.
changeitem Change item material or base quality.
cleaners (plugin) Provides commands for cleaning spatter from the map.
clean Removes contaminants.
cleanowned Confiscates and dumps garbage owned by dwarves.
combine-drinks Merge stacks of drinks in the selected stockpile.
combine-plants Merge stacks of plants in the selected container or stockpile.
create-items Spawn items under the cursor.
createitem Create arbitrary items.
deteriorate Cause corpses, clothes, and/or food to rot away over time.
devel/nuke-items Deletes all free items in the game.
empty-bin Empty the contents of containers onto the floor.
extinguish Put out fires.
firestarter Lights things on fire.
fix/drop-webs Make floating webs drop to the ground.
fix/dry-buckets Allow discarded water buckets to be used again.
forceequip Move items into a unit's inventory.
gui/create-item Magically summon any item.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
putontable Make an item appear on a table.
remove-wear Remove wear from items in your fort.
spotclean Remove all contaminants from the tile under the cursor.
stocks Enhanced fortress stock management interface.
stripcaged Remove items from caged prisoners.
troubleshoot-item Inspect properties of the selected item.
unforbid Unforbid all items.