This tool provides a spawning interface for units, trees, and/or items. Units can be created with arbitrary skillsets, and trees can be created either as saplings or as fully grown (depending on the age you set). The item creation interface is the same as gui/create-item.

You can choose whether spawned units are:

  • hostile (default)

  • hostile undead

  • independent/wild

  • friendly

  • citizens/pets

Note that if you create new citizens and you’re not using autolabor, you’ll have to got into the labors screen and make at least one change (any change) to get DF to assign them labors. Otherwise they’ll stand around with “No job”.




If running from adventure mode, the map will show fort-mode “dig” markers on tiles that were within the code of vision of your adventurers. This is visually distracting, but it is not an error and can be ignored.