"map" tag index

Tools that interact with the game map.

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3dveins Rewrite layer veins to expand in 3D space.
alltraffic Set traffic designations for every single tile of the map.
blueprint Record a live game map in a quickfort blueprint.
bprobe Display low-level properties of the selected building.
changelayer Change the material of an entire geology layer.
changevein Change the material of a mineral inclusion.
cleaners (plugin) Provides commands for cleaning spatter from the map.
clean Removes contaminants.
clear-smoke Removes all smoke from the map.
clear-webs Removes all webs from the map.
colonies Manipulate vermin colonies and hives.
cprobe Display low-level properties of the selected unit.
deramp Removes all ramps designated for removal from the map.
design (plugin) Draws designations in shapes.
dig (plugin) Provides commands for designating tiles for digging.
digv Designate all of the selected vein for digging.
digvx Dig a vein across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digl Dig all of the selected layer stone.
diglx Dig layer stone across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digcircle Designate circles.
digtype Designate all vein tiles of the same type as the selected tile.
digexp Designate dig patterns for exploratory mining.
dig-now Instantly complete dig designations.
drain-aquifer Remove some or all aquifers on the map.
extinguish Put out fires.
feature Control discovery flags for map features.
filltraffic Set traffic designations using flood-fill starting at the cursor.
firestarter Lights things on fire.
fix/stable-temp Solve FPS issues caused by fluctuating temperature.
flows Counts map blocks with flowing liquids.
gui/biomes Visualize and inspect biome regions on the map.
gui/blueprint Record a live game map in a quickfort blueprint.
gui/design Design designation utility with shapes.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
gui/liquids Interactively paint liquids onto the map.
gui/pathable Highlights tiles reachable from the selected tile.
gui/quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
gui/reveal Reveal map tiles.
gui/sandbox Create units, trees, or items.
hfs-pit Creates a pit straight to the underworld.
lair Mark the map as a monster lair.
light-aquifers-only Change heavy and varied aquifers to light aquifers.
liquids Place magma, water or obsidian.
liquids-here Spawn liquids on the selected tile.
locate-ore Scan the map for metal ores.
pathable (plugin) Marks tiles that are reachable from the cursor.
position Report cursor and mouse position, along with other info.
probe Display low-level properties of the selected tile.
prospector (plugin) Provides commands that help you analyze natural resources.
prospect Shows a summary of resources that exist on the map.
quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
restrictice Restrict traffic on all tiles on top of visible ice.
restrictliquids Restrict traffic on all visible tiles with liquid.
regrass Regrow all the grass.
reveal Reveal the map.
revforget Discard records about what was visible before revealing the map.
revtoggle Switch between reveal and unreveal.
revflood Hide everything, then reveal tiles with a path to a unit.
reveal-hidden-sites Reveal all sites in the world.
reveal-hidden-units Reveal sneaking units.
spotclean Remove all contaminants from the tile under the cursor.
source Create an infinite magma or water source.
stonesense A 3D isometric visualizer.
ssense An alias for stonesense.
tiletypes Paints tiles of specified types onto the map.
tiletypes-command Run tiletypes commands.
tiletypes-here Paint map tiles starting from the cursor.
tiletypes-here-point Paint the map tile under the cursor.
tubefill Replenishes mined-out adamantine.
unreveal Revert a revealed map to its unrevealed state.
weather Change the weather.