This reveals all z-layers in fort mode. It also works in adventure mode, but any of its effects are negated once you move.

In graphics mode, solid tiles that are not adjacent to open space will not be rendered, but they can still be examined by hovering over them with the mouse. Switching to ASCII mode (in the game settings) will allow the display of the revealed solid tiles.

For a GUI that auto-restores the map when closed, see gui/reveal.


reveal [hell|demon]

Reveal the whole map. If hell is specified, also reveal HFS areas, but you are required to run unreveal before unpausing is allowed in order to prevent the demons (or treasures) from spawning. If you really want to unpause with secrets revealed, specify demon instead of hell. Note that unpausing with secrets revealed may result in a flood of announcements about the revealed secrets!


Reverts the effects of reveal if run immediately afterwards. If you have saved the fort in a revealed state and want to restore the map, use revflood.


Switches between reveal and unreveal. Convenient to bind to a hotkey.


Discard info about what was visible before revealing the map. Only useful where (for example) you abandoned with the fort revealed and no longer need the saved map data when you load a new fort.


Hide everything, then reveal tiles with a path to the keyboard cursor (if enabled) or the selected unit (if a unit is selected) or else a random citizen. This allows reparing maps that you accidentally saved while they were revealed. Note that tiles behind constructed walls are also revealed as a workaround for Bug 1871.


Sometimes, the map generates secret hollows adjacent to caverns in such a way that the ceiling of the hollow collapses on the first tick of the embark, leaving the hollow exposed to the caverns. In this case, the secret event will be triggered as soon as the cavern is discovered and that tile is unhidden. This would happen anyway even if you don’t use reveal, but be aware that it is possible to trigger some events when you run reveal, even without the hell option.