"inspection" tag index

Tools that let you view information that is otherwise difficult to find.

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bprobe Display low-level properties of the selected building.
cursecheck Check for cursed creatures.
cprobe Display low-level properties of the selected unit.
deathcause Find out the cause of death for a creature.
devel/cmptiles List or compare two tiletype material groups.
devel/print-event Show historical events.
devel/query Search/print data algorithmically.
devel/save-version Display what DF version has handled the current save.
devel/scanitemother Display the item lists that the selected item is part of.
devel/unit-path Inspect where a unit is going and how it's getting there.
devel/visualize-structure Display raw memory of a DF data structure.
devel/watch-minecarts Inspect minecart coordinates and speeds.
dwarfmonitor Report on dwarf preferences and efficiency.
exportlegends Exports legends data for external viewing.
flows Counts map blocks with flowing liquids.
gaydar Shows the sexual orientation of units.
gui/dfstatus Show a quick overview of critical stock quantities.
gui/extended-status Add information on beds and bedrooms to the status screen.
gui/family-affairs Inspect or meddle with romantic relationships.
gui/gm-editor Inspect and edit DF game data.
gui/gm-unit Inspect and edit unit attributes.
gui/guide-path Visualize minecart guide paths.
gui/kitchen-info Show food item uses in the kitchen status screen.
gui/mechanisms List mechanisms and links connected to a building.
gui/pathable Highlights reachable tiles.
gui/petitions Show information about your fort's petitions.
gui/room-list Manage rooms owned by a dwarf.
gui/unit-info-viewer Display detailed information about a unit.
gui/workorder-details Adjust input materials and traits for workorders.
gui/workshop-job Adjust the input materials used for a job at a workshop.
hotkey-notes Show info on DF map location hotkeys.
jobutils (plugin) Provides commands for interacting with jobs.
job Inspect or modify details of workshop jobs.
job-duplicate Duplicates the highlighted job.
job-material Alters the material of the selected job.
lever Inspect and pull levers.
list-agreements List guildhall and temple agreements.
list-waves Show migration wave information for your dwarves.
nopause Disable pausing.
pathable (plugin) Marks tiles that are reachable from the cursor.
position Report cursor and mouse position, along with other info.
probe Display low-level properties of the selected tile.
prospector (plugin) Provides commands that help you analyze natural resources.
prospect Shows a summary of resources that exist on the map.
region-pops Change regional animal populations.
reveal Reveals the map.
revforget Discard records about what was visible before revealing the map.
revtoggle Switch between reveal and unreveal.
revflood Hide everything, then reveal tiles with a path to the cursor.
show-unit-syndromes Inspect syndrome details.
showmood Shows all items needed for the active strange mood.
troubleshoot-item Inspect properties of the selected item.
unreveal Hides previously hidden tiles again.
view-unit-reports Show combat reports for a unit.
weather Change the weather.