Command: exportlegends

Exports legends data for external viewing.

Keybinding: CtrlA -> "exportlegends all" in legends

When run from legends mode, you can export detailed data about your world so that it can be browsed with external programs like World Viewer and other similar utilities. The data exported with this tool is more detailed than what you can get with vanilla export functionality, and some external tools depend on this extra information.

exportlegends can be especially useful when you are generating a lot of worlds that you later want to inspect or when you want a map of every site when there are several hundred.


exportlegends <command> [<folder name>]

Valid commands are:


Exports the world/gen info, the legends XML, and an extended info file.


Exports just the extended info file.


Exports all available site maps.


Exports all seventeen detailed maps.


Equivalent to calling all of the above, in that order.

The default folder name is generated from the region number of the world and the current in-world date: legends-regionX-YYYYY-MM-DD. You can use a different folder by naming it on the exportlegends command line. Nested paths are accepted, but all but the last folder has to already exist. To export to the top-level DF folder, specify . as the folder name.


exportlegends all

Export all information to the legends-regionX-YYYYY-MM-DD folder.

exportlegends all legends/myregion

Export all information to the legends/myregion folder.

exportlegends custom .

Export just the extended info file to the DF folder (no subfolder).