Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: exterminate

Kills things.

Kills any unit, or all units of a given race. You can target any unit on a revealed tile of the map, including ambushers, but caged/chained creatures are ignored.



List the available targets.

exterminate this|him|her|it [magma|butcher]

Kills the selected unit.

exterminate <race>[:<caste>] [magma|butcher]

Kills all available units of the specified race, or all undead units.

exterminate undead [magma|butcher]

Kills all available undead units, regardless of race.

If magma is specified, a column of 7/7 magma is generated on top of the targets until they die. Warning: do not try this on magma-safe creatures! Also, using this mode on flyers is not recommended unless you like magma rain.

Alternately, if butcher is specified, exterminate will mark the units for butchering but does not kill them. A dwarf will take the creature to a butcher’s shop and do the deed there. This mode is, of course, useful for pets and not for armed enemies.


exterminate this

Kill the selected unit.


List the targets on your map.

exterminate BIRD_RAVEN:male

Kill the ravens flying around the map (but only the male ones).

exterminate undead magma

Kill all undead on the map by pouring magma on them.

Technical details

This tool kills by setting a unit’s blood_count set to 0, which means immediate death at the next game tick. For creatures where this is not enough, such as vampires, it also sets animal.vanish_countdown to 2.