Kills any unit, or all undead, or all units of a given race. You can target any unit on a revealed tile of the map, including hidden ambushers, but caged or chained creatures cannot be killed with this tool.


exterminate this [<options>]
exterminate undead [<options>]
exterminate <race>[:<caste>] [<options>]

Race and caste names are case insensitive.


exterminate this

Kill the selected unit.


List the targets on your map.

exterminate BIRD_RAVEN:MALE

Kill the ravens flying around the map (but only the male ones).

exterminate goblin --method magma --only-visible

Kill all visible, hostile goblins on the map by boiling them in magma.


-m, --method <method>

Specifies the “method” of killing units. See below for details.

-o, --only-visible

Specifies the tool should only kill units visible to the player. on the map.

-f, --include-friendly

Specifies the tool should also kill units friendly to the player.


exterminate can kill units using any of the following methods:


Kill by blood loss, and if this is ineffective, then kill by vaporization (default).


Make the unit disappear in a puff of smoke. Note that units killed this way will not leave a corpse behind, but any items they were carrying will still drop.


Vaporize the unit and destroy any items they were carrying.


Drown the unit in water.


Boil the unit in magma (not recommended for magma-safe creatures).


Will mark the units for butchering instead of killing them. This is more useful for pets than armed enemies.

Technical details

This tool kills by setting a unit’s blood_count to 0, which means immediate death at the next game tick. For creatures where this is not enough, such as vampires, it also sets animal.vanish_countdown, allowing the unit to vanish in a puff of smoke if the blood loss doesn’t kill them.

If the method of choice involves liquids, the tile is filled with a liquid level of 7 every tick. If the target unit moves, the liquid moves along with it, leaving the vacated tiles clean.