This script provides a means for you to safely glimpse at unexplored areas of the map, such as the caverns, so you can plan your fort with full knowledge of the terrain. When you open gui/reveal, the map will be revealed. You can see where the caverns are, and you can designate what you want for digging. When you close gui/reveal, the map will automatically be unrevealed so you can continue normal gameplay. If you want the reveal to be permanent, you can toggle the setting before you close gui/reveal.

In graphics mode, solid tiles that are not adjacent to open space will not be rendered, but they can still be examined by hovering over them with the mouse. Switching to ASCII mode (in the game settings) will allow the display of the revealed tiles.


gui/reveal [hell]



Reveal all “normal” terrain, but keep areas with late-game surprises hidden.

gui/reveal hell

Fully reveal adamantine spires, gemstone pillars, and the underworld. The game cannot be unpaused with these features revealed, so the choice to keep the map unrevealed when you close gui/reveal is disabled when this option is specified.