This tool can create an infinite magma or water source or drain on a tile. For more complex liquid placement, try liquids or gui/liquids.

Map tiles registered with this tool as a liquid source will be set to have the configured amount of liquid every 12 game ticks. A standard liquid source sets the level to 7, and a standard drain sets the level to 0, but you can set the target anywhere in between as well.


source add water|magma [0-7]

Add a source or drain at the selected tile position. If the target level is not specified, it defaults to 7. The cursor must be over a flow-passable tile (e.g. empty space, floor, staircase, etc.) and not too high in the sky.

source [list]

List all currently registered source tiles.

source delete

Remove the source under the cursor.

source clear

Remove all liquid sources that have been added with source.


source add water

Create an infinite water source under the cursor.

source add water 3

Create an infinite water source under the cursor, but equalize the water depth at 3/7. This is useful when creating a swimming pool for your dwarves.

source add water 0

Create a water drain under the cursor.

source add magma

Create an infinite magma source under the cursor.