Tags: fort | auto | fps | gameplay | items | plants

Command: deteriorate

Cause corpses, clothes, and/or food to rot away over time.

When enabled, this script will cause the specified item types to slowly rot away. By default, items disappear after a few months, but you can choose to slow this down or even make things rot away instantly!

Now all those slightly worn wool shoes that dwarves scatter all over the place or the toes, teeth, fingers, and limbs from the last undead siege will deteriorate at a greatly increased rate, and eventually just crumble into nothing. As warm and fuzzy as a dining room full of used socks makes your dwarves feel, your FPS does not like it!


deteriorate start --types <types> [--freq <frequency>] [--quiet]

Starts deteriorating the specified item types while you play.

deteriorate stop --types <types>

Stops deteriorating the specified item types.

deteriorate status

Shows the item types that are currently being monitored and their deterioration frequencies.

deteriorate now --types <types> [--quiet]

Causes all items (of the specified item types) to rot away within a few ticks.

You can have different types of items rotting away at different rates by running deteriorate start multiple times with different options.


Start deteriorating corpses and body parts:

deteriorate start --types corpses

Start deteriorating corpses and food and do it at twice the default rate:

deteriorate start --types corpses,food --freq 0.5,days

Deteriorate corpses quickly but clothes slowly:

deteriorate start -tcorpses -f0.1
deteriorate start -tclothes -f3,months


-f, --freq, --frequency <number>[,<timeunits>]

How often to increment the wear counters. <timeunits> can be one of days, months, or years and defaults to days if not specified. The default frequency of 1 day will result in items disappearing after several months. The number does not need to be a whole number. E.g. --freq=0.5,days is perfectly valid.

-q, --quiet

Silence non-error output.

-t, --types <types>

The comma-separated list of item types to affect. This option is required for start, stop, and now commands.



All clothing pieces that have an armor rating of 0 and are lying on the ground.


All non-dwarf corpses and body parts. This includes potentially useful remains such as hair, wool, hooves, bones, and skulls. Use them before you lose them!


All food and plants, regardless of whether they are in barrels or stockpiles. Seeds are left untouched.