combine (all|here) [<options>]



Displays help

combine all --dry-run

Preview stack changes for all types in all stockpiles.

combine all

Merge stacks for all stockpile and all types

combine all --types=meat,plant

Merge meat and plant type stacks in all stockpiles.

combine here

Merge stacks in the selected stockpile.



Search all stockpiles.


Search the currently selected stockpile.


-d, --dry-run

Display the stack changes without applying them.

-t, --types <comma separated list of types>

Filter item types. Default is all. Valid types are:

all: all of the types listed here. ammo: AMMO. Qty max 25. drink: DRINK. Qty max 25. fat: GLOB and CHEESE. Qty max 5. fish: FISH, FISH_RAW and EGG. Qty max 5. food: FOOD. Qty max 20. meat: MEAT. Qty max 5. parts: CORPSEPIECE. Material max 30. plant: PLANT and PLANT_GROWTH. Qty max 5. powders: POWDERS_MISC. Qty max 10.

-q, --quiet

Only print changes instead of a summary of all processed stockpiles.

-v, --verbose n

Print verbose output, n from 1 to 4.


The following conditions prevent an item from being combined:
  1. An item is not in a stockpile.

  2. An item is sand or plaster.

  3. An item is rotten, forbidden, marked for dumping/melting, on fire, encased, owned by a trader/hostile/dwarf or is in a spider web.

  4. An item is part of a corpse and is not butchered.

The following categories are defined:
  1. Corpse pieces, grouped by piece type and race

  2. Items that have an associated race/caste, grouped by item type, race, and caste

  3. Ammo, grouped by ammo type, material, and quality. If the ammo is a masterwork, it is also grouped by who created it.

  4. Anything else, grouped by item type and material.