This tool can make a unit care more/less about seeing corpses.


combat-harden [<unit option>] [<hardness option>]



Make the currently selected unit fully combat hardened

combat-harden --citizens --tier 2

Make all fort citizens moderately combat hardened.

Unit options


All active units will be affected.


All citizens and residents of your fort will be affected. Will do nothing in adventure mode.

--unit <id>

The given unit will be affected.

If no option is given or the indicated unit can’t be found, the script will use the currently selected unit.

Hardness options

--value <num>

A percent value (0 to 100, inclusive) to set combat hardened to.

--tier <num>

Choose a tier of hardenedness to set it to. - 1 = No hardenedness. - 2 = “is getting used to tragedy” - 3 = “is a hardened individual” - 4 = “doesn’t really care about anything anymore” (max)

If no option is given, the script defaults to using a value of 100.