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Tools that help you perform common tasks quickly and easily.

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animal-control Quickly view, butcher, or geld groups of animals.
assign-minecarts Assign minecarts to hauling routes.
autonick Give dwarves random unique nicknames.
alltraffic Set traffic designations for every single tile of the map.
ban-cooking Protect useful items from being cooked.
buildingplan Plan building layouts with or without materials.
burial Create tomb zones for unzoned coffins.
burrow Quickly adjust burrow tiles and units.
cleanowned Confiscates and dumps garbage owned by dwarves.
combine Combine items that can be stacked together.
dig (plugin) Provides commands for designating tiles for digging.
digv Designate all of the selected vein for digging.
digvx Dig a vein across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digl Dig all of the selected layer stone.
diglx Dig layer stone across z-levels, digging stairs as needed.
digcircle Designate circles.
digtype Designate all vein tiles of the same type as the selected tile.
digexp Designate dig patterns for exploratory mining.
empty-bin Empty the contents of containers onto the floor.
filltraffic Set traffic designations using flood-fill starting at the cursor.
forbid Forbid and list forbidden items on the map.
getplants Designate trees for chopping and shrubs for gathering.
gui/design Design designation utility with shapes.
gui/mass-remove Mass select things to remove.
gui/masspit Designate creatures for pitting.
gui/quantum Quickly and easily create quantum stockpiles.
gui/quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
item Perform bulk operations on groups of items.
lever Inspect and pull levers.
locate-ore Scan the map for metal ores.
orders Manage manager orders.
quickfort Apply layout blueprints to your fort.
restrictice Restrict traffic on all tiles on top of visible ice.
restrictliquids Restrict traffic on all visible tiles with liquid.
sort (plugin) Search and sort lists shown in the DF interface.
stockpiles Import, export, or modify stockpile settings.
stripcaged Remove items from caged prisoners.
suspend Suspends building construction jobs.
undump-buildings Undesignate building base materials for dumping.
unforbid Unforbid all items.
workorder Create manager workorders.