Command: gui/mass-remove

Mass select buildings and constructions to suspend or remove.

This tool lets you remove buildings/constructions or suspend/unsuspend construction jobs using a mouse-driven box selection.

The following marking modes are available.


Suspend the construction of a planned building/construction.


Resume the construction of a suspended planned building/construction.

Remove Construction

Designate a construction (wall, floor, etc.) for removal. This is similar to the native Designate->Remove Construction menu in DF.

Unremove Construction

Cancel removal of a construction (wall, floor, etc.).

Remove Building

Designate a building (door, workshop, etc) for removal. This is similar to the native Set Building Tasks/Prefs->Remove Building menu in DF.

Unremove Building

Cancel removal of a building (door, workshop, etc.).

Remove All

Designate both constructions and buildings for removal, and deletes planned buildings/constructions.

Unremove All

Cancel removal designations for both constructions and buildings.