"auto" tag index

Tools that run in the background and automatically manage routine, toilsome aspects of your fortress.

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autobutcher Automatically butcher excess livestock.
autochop (plugin) Auto-harvest trees when low on stockpiled logs.
autoclothing Automatically manage clothing work orders.
autofarm Automatically manage farm crop selection.
autogems (plugin) Automatically cut rough gems.
autogems-reload Reloads the autogems configuration file.
autohauler Automatically manage hauling labors.
autolabor Automatically manage dwarf labors.
autolabor-artisans Configures autolabor to produce artisan dwarves.
autonestbox Auto-assign egg-laying female pets to nestbox zones.
autounsuspend Keep construction jobs unsuspended.
burrows (plugin) Auto-expand burrows as you dig.
burrow Quickly add units/tiles to burrows.
channel-safely Auto-manage channel designations to keep dwarves safe.
deteriorate Cause corpses, clothes, and/or food to rot away over time.
digFlood Digs out veins as they are discovered.
emigration Allow dwarves to emigrate from the fortress when stressed.
fix-job-postings Fixes crashes caused by old versions of workflow.
gui/autobutcher Automatically butcher excess livestock.
gui/autogems Automatically cut rough gems.
gui/workflow Manage automated item production rules.
labormanager Automatically manage dwarf labors.
nestboxes (plugin) Protect fertile eggs incubating in a nestbox.
prioritize Automatically boost the priority of selected job types.
seedwatch Manages seed and plant cooking based on seed stock levels.
starvingdead Prevent infinite accumulation of roaming undead.
stockflow Queue manager jobs based on free space in stockpiles.
tailor Automatically keep your dwarves in fresh clothing.
warn-stealers Watch for and warn about units that like to steal your stuff.
workNow Reduce the time that dwarves idle after completing a job.
workflow Manage automated item production rules.