Tags: fort | auto | workorders

Command: tailor

Automatically keep your dwarves in fresh clothing.

Whenever the bookkeeper updates stockpile records, this plugin will scan the fort. If there are fresh cloths available, dwarves who are wearing tattered clothing will have their rags confiscated (in the same manner as the cleanowned tool) so that they’ll reequip with replacement clothes.

If there are not enough clothes available, manager orders will be generated to manufacture some more. tailor will intelligently create orders using raw materials that you have on hand in the fort. For example, if you have lots of silk, but no cloth, then tailor will order only silk clothing to be made.


enable tailor
tailor status
tailor materials <material> [<material> ...]

By default, tailor will prefer using materials in this order:

silk cloth yarn leather

but you can use the tailor materials command to restrict which materials are used, and in what order.


tailor materials silk cloth yarn

Restrict the materials used for automatically manufacturing clothing to silk, cloth, and yarn, preferred in that order. This saves leather for other uses, like making armor.