This plugin can automatically designate trees for chopping when your stocks are low on logs. It can also ensure specified burrows are kept clear of trees, so, for example, caravans always have a path to your depot and trees won’t grow close to your walls, giving invaders an unexpected path into your fort.

Autochop checks your stock of logs and designates appropriate trees for chopping once every in-game day. Logs that are forbidden or inaccessible (e.g. in hidden parts of the map, under water, etc.) are not counted towards your target. Trees that are inaccessible are likewise never designated.

Please see gui/autochop for the interactive configuration dialog.


enable autochop
autochop [status]
autochop (designate|undesignate)
autochop target <max> [<min>]
autochop (chop|nochop) <burrow>[,<burrow>...]
autochop (clearcut|noclearcut) <burrow>[,<burrow>...]
autochop (protect|unprotect) <type>[,<type>...] <burrow>[,<burrow>...]


Ensure we always have about 200 logs in stock, harvested from accessible trees anywhere on the map:

enable autochop

Ensure we always have about 500 logs in stock, harvested from a burrow named “TreeFarm”. Also ensure the caravan pathway and the area around the outer wall (“CaravanPath” and “OuterWall”) are always clear:

enable autochop
autochop target 500
autochop chop TreeFarm
autochop clearcut CaravanPath,OuterWall

Clear all non-food-producing trees out of a burrow (“PicnicArea”) intended to contain only food-producing trees:

autochop clearcut PicnicArea
autochop protect brewable,edible,cookable PicnicArea
autochop designate



Show current configuration and relevant statistics.


Designate trees for chopping right now according to the current configuration. This works even if autochop is not currently enabled.


Undesignates all trees.

target <max> [<min>]

Set the target range for the number of logs you want to have in stock. If a minimum amount is not specified, it defaults to 20% less than the maximum. The default target is 200 (with a corresponding minimum of 160).

(no)chop <burrow>[,<burrow>...]

Instead of choosing trees across the whole game map, restrict tree cutting to the given burrows. Burrows can be specified by name or internal ID.

(no)clearcut <burrow>[,<burrow>...]

Ensure the given burrows are always clear of trees. As soon as a tree appears in any of these burrows, it is designated for chopping at priority 2.

(un)protect <type>[,<type>...] <burrow>[,<burrow>...]

Choose whether to exclude trees from chopping that produce any of the given types of food. Valid types are: brewable, edible, and cookable.