In order to group related commands, each command is associated with a list of tags. You can filter the listed commands by a tag or a substring of the command name. Can also be invoked as dir.


ls [<options>]

Lists all available commands and the tags associated with them.

ls <tag> [<options>]

Shows only commands that have the given tag. Use the tags command to see the list of available tags.

ls <string> [<options>]

Shows commands that include the given string. E.g. ls quick will show all the commands with “quick” in their names. If the string is also the name of a tag, then it will be interpreted as a tag name.


ls quick

List all commands that match the substring “quick”.

ls adventure

List all commands with the adventure tag.

ls --dev trigger

List all commands, including developer and modding commands, that match the substring “trigger”.



Don’t print out the tags associated with each command.


Include commands intended for developers and modders.

--exclude <string>[,<string>...]

Exclude commands that match any of the given strings.