This tool allows you to save and load DF settings.


gui/settings-manager save-difficulty
gui/settings-manager load-difficulty
gui/settings-manager save-standing-orders
gui/settings-manager load-standing-orders
gui/settings-manager save-work-details
gui/settings-manager load-work-details

Difficulty can be saved and loaded on the embark “preparation” screen or in an active fort. Standing orders and work details can only be saved and loaded in an active fort.

If auto-restoring of difficulty settings is turned on, it happens when the embark “preparation” screen is loaded. If auto-restoring of standing orders or work details definitions is turned on, it happens when the fort is loaded for the first time (just like all other Autostart commands configured in gui/control-panel).


When embarking or when a fort is loaded, if you click on the Custom settings button for game difficulty, you will see a new panel at the top. You can save the current difficulty settings and load the saved settings back. You can also toggle an option to automatically load the saved settings for new embarks.

When a fort is loaded, you can also go to the Labor -> Standing Orders page. You will see a new panel that allows you to save and restore your settings for standing orders. You can also toggle whether the saved standing orders are automatically restored when you embark on a new fort. This will toggle the relevant command in gui/control-panel on the Automation -> Autostart page.

There is a similar panel on the Labor -> Work Details page that allows for saving and restoring of work detail definitons. Be aware that work detail assignments to units cannot be saved, so you have to assign the work details to individual units after you restore the definitions. Another caveat is that DF doesn’t evaluate work detail definitions until a change (any change) is made on the work details screen. Therefore, after importing work detail definitions, including auto-loading them for new embarks, you have to go to the work details page and make a change before your imported work details will take effect.