This is the commandline interface for configuring DFHack behavior, toggling which functionality is enabled right now, and setting up which tools are enabled/run when starting new fortress games. For an in-game graphical interface, please use gui/control-panel. For a commandline interface for configuring which overlays are enabled, please use overlay.

This interface controls three kinds of configuration:

1. Tools that are enabled right now. These are DFHack tools that run in the background, like autofarm, or tools that DFHack can run on a repeating schedule, like the “autoMilk” functionality of workorder. Most tools that can be enabled are saved with your fort, so you can have different tools enabled for different forts. If a tool is marked “global”, however, like hide-tutorials, then enabling it will make it take effect for all games.

2. Tools or commands that should be auto-enabled or auto-run when you start a new fortress. In addition to tools that can be “enabled”, this includes commands that you might want to run once just after you embark, such as commands to configure autobutcher or to drain portions of excessively deep aquifers.

3. DFHack system preferences, such as whether “Armok” (god-mode) tools are shown in DFHack lists (including the lists of commands shown by the control panel) or mouse configuration like how fast you have to click for it to count as a double click (for example, when maximizing DFHack tool windows). Preferences are “global” in that they apply to all games.

Run control-panel list to see the current settings and what tools and preferences are available for configuration.


control-panel list <search string>
control-panel enable|disable <command or number from list>
control-panel autostart|noautostart <command or number from list>
control-panel set <preference> <value>
control-panel reset <preference>


control-panel list butcher

Shows the current configuration of all commands related to autobutcher (and anything else that includes the text “butcher” in it).

control-panel enable fix/empty-wheelbarrows or control-panel enable 25

Starts to run fix/empty-wheelbarrows periodically to maintain the usability of your wheelbarrows. In the second version of this command, the number “25” is used as an example. You’ll have to run control-panel list to see what number this command is actually listed as.

control-panel autostart autofarm

Configures autofarm to become automatically enabled when you start a new fort.

control-panel autostart fix/blood-del

Configures fix/blood-del to run once when you start a new fort.

control-panel set HIDE_ARMOK_TOOLS true

Enable “mortal mode” and hide “armok” tools in the DFHack UIs. Note that this will also remove some entries from the control-panel list output. Run control-panel list to see all preference options and their descriptions.


Other scripts can query whether a command is set for autostart via the script API:

local control_panel = reqscript('control-panel')
local enabled, default = control_panel.get_autostart(command)