Tags: fort | units

Command: warn-stranded

Reports citizens that are stranded and can’t reach any other citizens.

If any (live) groups of fort citizens are stranded from the main (largest) group, the game will pause and you’ll get a warning dialog telling you which citizens are isolated. This gives you a chance to rescue them before they get overly stressed or start starving.

Each citizen will be put into a group with the other citizens stranded together.

There is a command line interface that can print status of citizens without pausing or bringing up a window.

The GUI and command-line both also have the ability to ignore citizens so they don’t trigger a pause and window.

You can enable warn-stranded notifications in gui/control-panel on the “Maintenance” tab.


warn-stranded status
warn-stranded clear
warn-stranded (ignore|ignoregroup|unignore|unignoregroup) <id>



Standard command that checks citizens and pops up a warning if any are stranded. Does nothing when there are no unignored stranded citizens.

warn-stranded status

List all stranded citizens and all ignored citizens. Includes citizen unit ids.

warn-stranded clear

Clear (unignore) all ignored citizens.

warn-stranded ignore 1

Ignore citizen with unit id 1.

warn-stranded ignoregroup 2

Ignore stranded citizen group 2.

warn-stranded unignore  1

Unignore citizen with unit id 1.

warn-stranded unignoregroup 3

Unignore stranded citizen group 3.