By default, all unsuspended buildings on the map are completed, but the area of effect is configurable.

Note that no units will get architecture experience for any buildings that require that skill to construct.


build-now [<pos> [<pos>]] [<options>]

Where the optional <pos> pair can be used to specify the coordinate bounds within which build-now will operate. If they are not specified, build-now will scan the entire map. If only one <pos> is specified, only the building at that coordinate is built.

The <pos> parameters can either be an <x>,<y>,<z> triple (e.g. 35,12,150) or the string here, which means the position of the active keyboard game cursor.



Completes all unsuspended construction jobs on the map.

build-now here

Builds the unsuspended, unconstructed building under the cursor.


-q, --quiet

Suppress informational output (error messages are still printed).

-z, --zlevel

Restrict operation to the currently visible z-level