This allows adding and removing syndromes from units.


modtools/add-syndrome --target <id> --syndrome <name>|<id> [<options>]
modtools/add-syndrome --target <id> --eraseClass <class>


modtools/add-syndrome --target 2391 --syndrome "gila monster bite" --eraseAll

Remove all instances of the “gila monster bite” syndrome from the specified unit.

modtools/add-syndrome --target 1231 --syndrome 14 --resetPolicy DoNothing

Adds syndrome 14 to the specified unit, but only if that unit doesn’t already have the syndrome.


--target <id>

The unit id of the target unit.

--syndrome <name>|<id>

The syndrome to work with.

--resetPolicy <policy>

Specify a policy of what to do if the unit already has an instance of the syndrome, one of: NewInstance, DoNothing, ResetDuration, or AddDuration. By default, it will create a new instance of the syndrome, even if one already exists for the unit.


Instead of adding an instance of the syndrome, erase one.


Erase every instance of the syndrome.

--eraseClass <class id>

Erase every instance of every syndrome with the given SYN_CLASS (an integer id).


Add the syndrome to the target even if it is immune to the syndrome.