"dev" tag index

Tools that are useful when debugging or developing mods.

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cxxrandom (plugin) Provides a Lua API for random distributions.
debug (plugin) Provides commands for controlling debug log verbosity.
debugfilter Configure verbosity of DFHack debug output.
design (plugin) Draws designations in shapes.
devel/all-bob Changes the first name of all units to "Bob"..
devel/annc-monitor Track announcements and reports and echo them to the console.
devel/block-borders Outline map blocks on the map screen.
devel/check-other-ids Verify that game entities are referenced by the correct vectors.
devel/check-release Perform basic checks for DFHack release readiness.
devel/clear-script-env Clear a lua script environment.
devel/click-monitor Displays the grid coordinates of mouse clicks in the console.
devel/dump-offsets Dump the contents of the table of global addresses.
devel/dump-rpc Dump RPC endpoint info.
devel/eventful-client Simple client for testing event callbacks.
devel/export-dt-ini Export memory addresses for Dwarf Therapist configuration.
devel/find-primitive Discover memory offsets for new variables.
devel/hello-world A basic GUI example script.
devel/input-monitor Live monitor and logger for input events.
devel/inspect-screen Show glyph, color, and texture info for screen and map tiles.
devel/lsmem Print memory ranges of the DF process.
devel/modstate-monitor Display changes in key modifier state.
devel/pop-screen Forcibly closes the current screen.
devel/print-args Echo parameters to the output.
devel/print-args2 Echo parameters to the output.
devel/query Search/print data algorithmically.
devel/save-version Display what DF version has handled the current save.
devel/sc Scan DF structures for errors.
devel/scan-vtables Scan for and print likely vtable addresses.
devel/scanitemother Display the item lists that the selected item is part of.
devel/send-key Deliver key input to a viewscreen.
devel/spawn-unit-helper Prepares the game for spawning creatures by switching to arena.
devel/tile-browser Browse graphical tile textures by their texpos values.
devel/visualize-structure Display raw memory of a DF data structure.
eventful (plugin) Provides a Lua API for reacting to in-game events.
load-art-image-chunk Gets an art image chunk by index.
lua Run Lua script commands.
luasocket (plugin) Provides a Lua API for accessing network sockets.
modtools/add-syndrome Add and remove syndromes from units.
modtools/create-item Create arbitrary items.
modtools/force Trigger game events.
modtools/if-entity Run DFHack commands based on the the civ id of the current fort.
modtools/item-trigger Run DFHack commands when a unit uses an item.
modtools/skill-change Modify unit skills.
modtools/spawn-liquid Spawn a liquid at a given position.
pathable (plugin) Marks tiles that are reachable from the cursor.
RemoteFortressReader (plugin) Backend for Armok Vision.
RemoteFortressReader_version Print the loaded RemoteFortressReader version.
xlsxreader (plugin) Provides a Lua API for reading xlsx files.