Annoyed that your carefully bred dragons become useless after a minor injury? Well, with dwarfvet, injured animals will be treated at a hospital. Dwarves with the Animal Caretaker labor enabled will come to the hospital to treat the animals. Normal medical skills are used (and trained), but no experience is given to the Animal Caretaker skill itself.

If an injured animal is assigned to a pasture, it will be temporarily unassigned from the pasture while in treatment. The animal will be reassigned to its original pasture shortly after recovery.

Animals that are on restraints or in cages will not be designated for treatment.

You can enable dwarfvet in gui/control-panel, and you can choose to start dwarfvet automatically in new forts in the Gameplay -> Autostart tab.


enable dwarfvet
dwarfvet [status]
dwarfvet now



Report on how many animals are being treated and how many are in need of treatment.

dwarfvet now

Assign injured animals to a free floor spot in a nearby hospital, regardless of whether the plugin is enabled.