It can also show heads-up display widgets with live fort statistics.


enable dwarfmonitor

Enable tracking of job efficiency for display on the dwarfmonitor stats screen.

dwarfmonitor stats

Show statistics and efficiency summary.

dwarfmonitor prefs

Show a summary of preferences for dwarves in your fort.

Widget configuration

The following widgets are registered for display on the main fortress mode screen with the overlay framework:


Show the current keyboard and mouse cursor positions.


Show the in-game date.


Show overall happiness levels of all dwarves.


Show current weather (e.g. rain/snow).

They can be enabled or disable via the overlay command.

The dfhack-config/dwarfmonitor.json file can be edited to change widget configuration with any of the following fields:

  • date_format (string): format for the dwarfmonitor.date widget:

    • Y or y: The current year

    • M: The current month, zero-padded if necessary

    • m: The current month, not zero-padded

    • D: The current day, zero-padded if necessary

    • d: The current day, not zero-padded

    The default date format is Y-M-D, per the ISO8601 standard.

  • coords_type (string): the coordinate type to show in the dwarfmonitor.cursor widget:

    • all (the default): show all of the coordinate types listed here

    • mouse_ui: the X/Y UI coordinates of the tile the mouse is positioned over

    • mouse_map: the X/Y/Z map coordinates of the tile the mouse is positioned over (only if over the map)

    • keyboard_map: the X/Y/Z map coordinates of the tile selected by the keyboard-controlled X cursor in DF (if active)

  • coords_short (boolean, default: false): if true, hides explanatory text from the dwarfmonitor.cursor widget, and only shows coordinates as (X,Y,Z)

Example configuration file:

    "date_format": "m/d/y",
    "coords_type": "mouse_map",
    "coords_short": false