"unavailable" tag index

Tools that are not yet available for the current release.

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adv-fix-sleepers Fix units who refuse to awaken in adventure mode.
adv-max-skills Raises adventurer stats to max.
adv-rumors Improves the rumors menu in adventure mode.
assign-profile Adjust characteristics of a unit according to saved profiles.
autogems (plugin) Automatically cut rough gems.
autogems-reload Reloads the autogems configuration file.
autolabor-artisans Configures autolabor to produce artisan dwarves.
binpatch Applies or removes binary patches.
bodyswap Take direct control of any visible unit.
break-dance Fixes buggy tavern dances.
building-hacks (plugin) Provides a Lua API for creating powered workshops.
cannibalism Allows an adventurer to consume sapient corpses.
channel-safely Auto-manage channel designations to keep dwarves safe.
color-schemes Modify the colors used by the DF UI.
deteriorate Cause corpses, clothes, and/or food to rot away over time.
devel/cmptiles List or compare two tiletype material groups.
devel/find-offsets Find memory offsets of DF data structures.
devel/find-twbt Display the memory offsets of some important TWBT functions.
devel/inject-raws Add objects and reactions into an existing world.
devel/kill-hf Kill a historical figure.
devel/light Experiment with lighting overlays.
devel/list-filters List input items for the selected building type.
devel/lua-example An example lua script.
devel/luacov Lua script coverage report generator.
devel/nuke-items Deletes all free items in the game.
devel/prepare-save Set internal game state to known values for memory analysis.
devel/print-event Show historical events.
devel/test-perlin Generate an image based on perlin noise.
devel/unit-path Inspect where a unit is going and how it's getting there.
devel/watch-minecarts Inspect minecart coordinates and speeds.
digFlood Digs out veins as they are discovered.
diggingInvaders Invaders dig and destroy to get to your dwarves.
do-job-now Mark the job related to what you're looking at as high priority.
dwarf-op Tune units to perform underrepresented job roles in your fortress.
dwarfmonitor Report on dwarf preferences and efficiency.
embark-assistant Embark site selection support.
fix-ster Toggle infertility for units.
fix-unit-occupancy Fix phantom unit occupancy issues.
fix/corrupt-equipment Fixes some game crashes caused by corrupt military equipment.
fix/item-occupancy Fixes errors with phantom items occupying site.
fix/population-cap Ensure the population cap is respected.
fix/tile-occupancy Fix tile occupancy flags.
fixnaked Removes all unhappy thoughts due to lack of clothing.
fixveins Restore missing mineral inclusions.
follow Make the screen follow the selected unit.
forceequip Move items into a unit's inventory.
forget-dead-body Removes emotions associated with seeing a dead body.
forum-dwarves Exports the text you see on the screen for posting to the forums.
generated-creature-renamer (plugin) Automatically renames generated creatures.
growcrops Instantly grow planted seeds into crops.
gui/advfort Perform fort-like jobs in adventure mode.
gui/autogems Automatically cut rough gems.
gui/choose-weapons Ensure military dwarves choose appropriate weapons.
gui/clone-uniform Duplicate an existing military uniform.
gui/color-schemes Modify the colors in the DF UI.
gui/companion-order Issue orders to companions.
gui/dfstatus Show a quick overview of critical stock quantities.
gui/extended-status Add information on beds and bedrooms to the status screen.
gui/family-affairs Inspect or meddle with romantic relationships.
gui/guide-path Visualize minecart guide paths.
gui/kitchen-info Show food item uses in the kitchen status screen.
gui/load-screen Replace DF's continue game screen with a searchable list.
gui/power-meter Allow pressure plates to measure power.
gui/rename Give buildings and units new names, optionally with special chars.
gui/room-list Manage rooms owned by a dwarf.
gui/siege-engine Extend the functionality and usability of siege engines.
gui/stamper Copy, paste, and transform dig designations.
gui/stockpiles Import and export stockpile settings.
gui/workflow Manage automated item production rules.
gui/workorder-details Adjust input materials and traits for workorders.
gui/workshop-job Adjust the input materials used for a job at a workshop.
hotkey-notes Show info on DF map location hotkeys.
infiniteSky Automatically allocate new z-levels of sky
isoworldremote (plugin) Provides a remote API used by Isoworld.
jobutils (plugin) Provides commands for interacting with jobs.
job Inspect or modify details of workshop jobs.
job-duplicate Duplicates the highlighted job.
job-material Alters the material of the selected job.
list-generated List the token names of all generated creatures.
labormanager Automatically manage dwarf labors.
launch Thrash your enemies with a flying suplex.
linger Take control of your adventurer's killer.
load-save Load a savegame.
manipulator (plugin) An in-game labor management interface.
map-render (plugin) Provides a Lua API for re-rendering portions of the map.
max-wave Dynamically limit the next immigration wave.
mode See and change the game mode.
modtools/anonymous-script Run dynamically generated script code.
modtools/change-build-menu Add or remove items from the build sidebar menus.
modtools/create-tree Spawn trees.
modtools/create-unit Create arbitrary units.
modtools/equip-item Force a unit to equip an item.
modtools/extra-gamelog Write info to the gamelog for Soundsense.
modtools/fire-rate Alter the fire rate of ranged weapons.
modtools/interaction-trigger Run DFHack commands when a unit attacks or defends.
modtools/invader-item-destroyer Destroy invader items when they die.
modtools/moddable-gods Create deities.
modtools/outside-only Set building inside/outside restrictions.
modtools/pref-edit Modify unit preferences.
modtools/projectile-trigger Run DFHack commands when projectiles hit their targets.
modtools/random-trigger Randomly select DFHack scripts to run.
modtools/raw-lint Check for errors in raw files.
modtools/reaction-product-trigger Call DFHack commands when reaction products are produced.
modtools/reaction-trigger Run DFHack commands when custom reactions complete.
modtools/reaction-trigger-transition Help create reaction triggers.
modtools/set-belief Change the beliefs/values of a unit.
modtools/set-need Change the needs of a unit.
modtools/set-personality Change a unit's personality.
modtools/spawn-flow Creates flows at the specified location.
modtools/syndrome-trigger Trigger DFHack commands when units acquire syndromes.
modtools/transform-unit Transform a unit into another unit type.
names Rename units or items with the DF name generator.
plants (plugin) Provides commands that interact with plants.
plant Create a plant or make an existing plant grow up.
pop-control Controls population and migration caps persistently per-fort.
power-meter (plugin) Allow pressure plates to measure power.
prefchange Set strange mood preferences.
putontable Make an item appear on a table.
questport Teleport to your quest log map cursor.
rename Easily rename things.
rendermax Modify the map lighting.
save-generated-raws Export a creature graphics file for modding.
season-palette Swap color palettes when the seasons change.
siege-engine (plugin) Extend the functionality and usability of siege engines.
siren Wake up sleeping units and stop parties.
spawnunit Create a unit.
steam-engine (plugin) Allow modded steam engine buildings to function.
stockflow Queue manager jobs based on free space in stockpiles.
stocks Enhanced fortress stock management interface.
tidlers Change where the idlers count is displayed.
timestream Fix FPS death.
title-folder (plugin) Displays the DF folder name in the window title bar.
view-item-info Extend item and unit descriptions with more information.
view-unit-reports Show combat reports for a unit.
workflow Manage automated item production rules.
zone Manage activity zones, cages, and the animals therein.