Triggers dfhack commands when custom reactions complete, regardless of whether it produced anything, once per completion. Arguments:

    unregister all reaction hooks
-reactionName name
    specify the name of the reaction
-syndrome name
    specify the name of the syndrome to be applied to valid targets
    allow other units to be targeted if the worker is invalid or ignored
    allow all valid targets within range to be affected
    if absent:
        if running a script, only one target will be used
        if applying a syndrome, then only one target will be infected
    ignores the worker when selecting the targets
    when selecting targets in range, include creatures that are inactive
    dead creatures count as inactive
-range [ x y z ]
    controls how far eligible targets can be from the workshop
    defaults to [ 0 0 0 ] (on a workshop tile)
    negative numbers can be used to ignore outer squares of the workshop
    line of sight is not respected, and the worker is always within range
-resetPolicy policy
    the policy in the case that the syndrome is already present
        NewInstance (default)
-command [ commandStrs ]
    specify the command to be run on the target(s)
    special args
        \\anything -> \anything
        anything -> anything
    when used with -syndrome, the target must be valid for the syndrome
    otherwise, the command will not be run for that target