This tool transforms a unit into another unit type, either temporarily or permanently.

Warning: this will crash arena mode if you view the unit on the same tick that it transforms. If you wait until later, it will be fine.


modtools/transform-unit --unit <id> --race <race> --caste <caste> [--duration <ticks>] [--keepInventory] [--setPrevRace]
modtools/transform-unit --unit <id> --untransform
modtools/transform-unit --clear


--unit <id>

Set the target unit.

--race <race>

Set the target race.

--caste <caste>

Set the target caste.

--duration <ticks>

Set how long the transformation should last, or “forever”. If not specified, then the transformation is permanent.


Move items back into inventory after transformation


Remember the previous race so that you can change the unit back with --untransform


Turn the unit back into what it was before (assuming you used the --setPrevRace option when transforming the first time).


Clear records of “previous” races used by the --untransform option.