If you tend to have many ongoing games, this tool can make it much easier to load the one you’re looking for. It replaces DF’s “continue game” screen with a dialog that has search and filter options.

The primary view is a list of saved games, much like the default list provided by DF. Several filter options are available:

  • s: search for folder names containing specific text

  • t: filter by active game type (e.g. fortress, adventurer)

  • b: toggle display of backup folders, as created by DF’s AUTOBACKUP option (see data/init/init.txt for a detailed explanation). This defaults to hiding backup folders, since they can take up significant space in the list.

When selecting a game with Enter, a dialog will give options to load the selected game (Enter again), cancel (Esc), or rename the game’s folder (r).

Also see the title-start-rename tweak to rename folders in the “start playing” menu.


enable gui/load-screen