This fix corrects some kinds of corruption that can occur in equipment lists, as in Bug 11014. Run this script at least every time a squad comes back from a raid.





Run the fix manually a single time.

repeat --time 100 --timeUnits ticks --command [ fix/corrupt-equipment ]

Automatically run the fix in the background every 100 ticks so you don’t have to remember to run it manually.

Technical details

There are several types of corruption that have been identified:

  1. Items that have been deleted without being removed from the equipment lists

  2. Items of the wrong type being stored in the equipment lists

  3. Items of the wrong type being assigned to squad members

This script currently only fixes the first two, as they have been linked to the majority of crashes.

Note that in some cases, multiple issues may be present, and may only be present for a short window of time before DF crashes. To address this, running this script with repeat is recommended.

Running this script with repeat on all saves is not recommended, as it can have overhead (sometimes over 0.1 seconds on a large save). In general, running this script with repeat is recommended if:

  • You have experienced crashes likely caused by Bug 11014, and running this script a single time produces output but does not fix the crash

  • You are running large military operations, or have sent squads out on raids