Allows altering the fire rates of ranged weapons. Each are defined on a per-item basis. As this is done in an on-world basis, commands for this should be placed in an onLoad*.init. This also technically serves as a patch to any of the weapons targeted in adventure mode, reducing the times down to their intended speeds (the game applies an additional hardcoded recovery time to any ranged attack you make in adventure mode).

Once run, all ranged attacks will use this script’s systems for calculating recovery speeds, even for items that haven’t directly been modified using this script’s commands. One minor side effect is that it can’t account for interactions with the FREE_ACTION token; interactions with that tag which launch projectiles will be subject to recovery times (though there aren’t any interaction in vanilla where this would happen, as far as I know).

Requires a Target and any number of Modifiers.


-item <item token>:

The full token of the item to modify. Example: WEAPON:ITEM_WEAPON_BOW


Modify the fire rate for throwing. This is specifically for thrown attacks without a weapon - if you have a weapon that uses THROW as its skill, you need to use the -item argument for it.


-material <material token>:

Apply only to items made of the given material token. With the -item argument, this will apply to the material that the weapon is made of, whereas with the -throw argument this will apply to the material being thrown (or fired, in the case of interactions). This is optional. Format examples: “CREATURE:COW:MILK”, “PLANT:MUSHROOM_HELMET_PLUMP:DRINK”, “INORGANIC:GOLD”, “VOMIT”

-fortBase <integer> -advBase <integer>:

Set the base fire rate for the weapon in ticks to use in the respective mode (fortress/adventure). Means one shot per x ticks. Defaults to the game default of 80.

-fortSkillFactor <float> -advSkillFactor <float>:

Multiplier that modifies how effective a user’s skill is at improving the fire rate in the respective modes. In basic mode, recovery time is reduced by this value * user’s skill ticks. Defaults to 2.7. With that value and default settings, it will make a Legendary shooter fire at the speed cap.

-fortCap <integer> -advCap <integer>:

Sets a cap on the fastest fire rate that can be achieved in their respective mode. Due to game limitations, the cap can’t be less than 10 in adventure mode. Defaults to half of the base fire rate defined by the -fort or -adv arguments.


-mode <”basic” | “vanilla”>:

Sets what method is used to determine how skill affects fire rates. This is applied globally, rather than on a per-item basis. Basic uses a simplified method for working out fire rates - each point in a skill reduces the fire cooldown by a consistent, fixed amount. This method is the default. Vanilla mode attempts to replicate behaviour for fire rates - skill rolls determine which of 6 fixed increments of speeds is used, with a unit’s skill affecting the range and averages. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED!