Windmills cycle between two graphical states to simulate movement. This is the polarity of the appearance. Each windmill also has a timer that controls when the windmill switches polarity. Each windmill’s timer starts from zero at the instant that it is built, so two different windmills will rarely have exactly the same state. This tool can adjust the alignment of polarity and timers across your active windmills to your preference.

Note that this tool will not affect windmills that have just been activated and are still rotating to adjust to the regional wind direction.


sync-windmills [<options>]



Synchronize movement of all active windmills.

sync-windmills -r

Randomize the movement of all active windmills.


-q, --quiet

Suppress non-error console output.

-r, --randomize

Randomize the polarity and timer value for all windmills.

-t, --timing-only

Randomize windmill polarity, but synchronize windmill timers.