Historical changelogs

This file is where old changelogs live, so the current changelog doesn’t get too long. Some of these changelogs are also formatted differently from current changelogs and would be difficult for the current changelog generation system to handle.

DFHack 0.43.05-r3



  • Linux: fixed argument to setarch in the dfhack launcher script

  • Ruby: fixed an error that occurred when the DF path contained an apostrophe

  • diggingInvaders now compiles again and is included

  • labormanager:

    • stopped waiting for on-duty military dwarves with minor injuries to obtain care

    • stopped waiting for meetings when participant(s) are dead

    • fixed a crash for dwarves with no cultural identity

  • luasocket: fixed receive() with a byte count

  • orders: fixed an error when importing orders with material categories

  • siren: fixed an error

  • stockpiles: fixed serialization of barrel and bin counts

  • view-item-info: fixed a CHEESE_MAT-related error

Misc Improvements

DFHack 0.43.05-r2


  • Rebuilding DFHack can be faster if nothing Git-related has changed

  • Plugins can now hook Screen::readTile()

  • Improved Lua compatibility with plugins that hook into GUI functions (like TWBT)

  • Expanded focus strings for jobmanagement and workquota_condition viewscreens

  • Gui::getAnyUnit(): added support for viewscreen_unitst, viewscreen_textviewerst, viewscreen_layer_unit_relationshipst

  • Fixed (limited) keybinding support in PRINT_MODE:TEXT on macOS

  • Added a new standardized Gui::refreshSidebar() function to fix behavior of some plugins on the lowest z-level

  • New Buildings module functions: markedForRemoval(), getCageOccupants()

  • Limited recursive command invocations to 20 to prevent crashes

  • Added an onLoad.init-example file


  • Improved C++ exception handling for some native functions that aren’t direct wrappers around C++ functions (in this case, error messages could be nil and cause the Lua interpreter to quit)

  • Added support for a key_pen option in Label widgets

  • Fixed to_first argument to dfhack.screen.dismiss()

  • Added optional map parameters to some screen functions

  • Exposed some more functions to Lua:

    • dfhack.gui.refreshSidebar()

    • dfhack.gui.getAnyUnit()

    • dfhack.gui.getAnyBuilding()

    • dfhack.gui.getAnyItem()

    • dfhack.gui.getAnyPlant()

    • dfhack.gui.getDepthAt()

    • dfhack.units.getUnitsInBox()

    • dfhack.units.isVisible()

    • dfhack.maps.isTileVisible()

    • dfhack.buildings.markedForRemoval()

    • dfhack.buildings.getCageOccupants()

    • dfhack.internal.md5()

    • dfhack.internal.md5File()

    • dfhack.internal.threadid()

  • New function: widgets.Pages:getSelectedPage()

  • Added a key option to EditField and FilteredList widgets

  • Fixed an issue preventing repeatUtil.cancel() from working when called from the callback


  • Fixed a crash when creating new instances of DF virtual classes (e.g. fixes a lever crash)

  • Ruby scripts can now be loaded from any script paths specified (from script- paths.txt or registered through the Lua API)

  • unit_find() now uses Gui::getSelectedUnit() and works in more places (e.g. exterminate now works from more screens, like command-prompt)

New Internal Commands

  • alias: allows configuring aliases for other commands

New Plugins

New Scripts

New Tweaks

  • tweak burrow-name-cancel: Implements the “back” option when renaming a burrow, which currently does nothing (Bug 1518)

  • tweak cage-butcher: Adds an option to butcher units when viewing cages with “q”


  • Enforced use of stdout.log and stderr.log (instead of their .txt counterparts) on Windows

  • Fixed getItemBaseValue() for cheese, sheets and instruments

  • Fixed alignment in:

    • viewscreen_choose_start_sitest

    • viewscreen_export_graphical_mapst

    • viewscreen_setupadventurest

    • viewscreen_setupdwarfgamest

  • adv-max-skills: fixed error due to viewscreen changes

  • autolabor: fixed a crash when assigning haulers while traders are active

  • buildingplan: fixed an issue that prevented certain numbers from being used in building names

  • confirm:

    • dialogs are now closed permanently when disabled from the settings UI

    • fixed an issue that could have prevented closing dialogs opened by pressing “s”

  • embark-tools: stopped the sand indicator from overlapping dialogs

  • exportlegends: fixed some crashes and site map issues

  • devel/find-offsets: fixed current_weather scan

  • gui/extended-status: fixed an error when no beds are available

  • gui/family-affairs: fixed issues with assigning lovers

  • gui/gm-editor:

    • made keybinding display order consistent

    • stopped keys from performing actions in help screen

  • gui/manager-quantity:

    • now allows orders with a limit of 0

    • fixed screen detection

  • gui/mechanisms, gui/room-list: fixed an issue when recentering the map when exiting

  • lever: prevented pulling non-lever buildings, which can cause crashes

  • markdown: fixed file encoding

  • modtools/create-unit:

    • fixed when popup announcements are present

    • added checks to ensure that the current game mode is restored

  • resume: stopped drawing on the map border

  • show-unit-syndromes: fixed an error when handling some syndromes

  • strangemood: fixed some issues with material searches

  • view-item-info: fixed a color-related error for some materials

Misc Improvements

  • Docs: prevented automatic hyphenation in some browsers, which was producing excessive hyphenation sometimes

  • command-prompt: invoking command-prompt a second time now hides the prompt

  • gui/extended-status: added an option to assign/replace the manager

  • gui/load-screen:

    • adjusted dialog width for long folder names

    • added modification times and DF versions to dialog

  • gui/mechanisms, gui/room-list, gui/siege-engine: add and list “exit to map” options

  • lever: added support for pulling levers at high priority

  • markdown: now recognizes -n in addition to /n

  • RemoteFortressReader: more data exported, used by Armok Vision v0.17.0

  • resume, siege-engine: improved compatibility with GUI-hooking plugins (like TWBT)

  • sc-script: improved help text

  • teleport: can now be used as a module

  • tweak embark-profile-name: now enabled in dfhack.init-example

  • tweak hotkey-clear: fixed display on larger screens

DFHack 0.43.05-r1


  • 64-bit support on all platforms

  • Several structure fixes to match 64-bit DF’s memory layout

  • Added DFHack::Job::removeJob() function

  • New module: Designations - handles designation creation (currently for plants only)

  • Added Gui::getSelectedPlant()

  • Added Units::getMainSocialActivity(), Units::getMainSocialEvent()

  • Visual Studio 2015 now required to build on Windows instead of 2010

  • GCC 4.8 or newer required to build on Linux and OS X (and now supported on OS X)

  • Updated TinyXML from 2.5.3 to 2.6.2

  • Added the ability to download files manually before building


  • Lua has been updated to 5.3 - see https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/readme.html for details

    • Floats are no longer implicitly converted to integers in DFHack API calls

  • df.new() supports more types: char, intptr_t, uintptr_t, long, unsigned long

  • String representations of vectors and a few other containers now include their lengths

  • Added a tile-material module

  • Added a Painter:key_string() method

  • Made dfhack.gui.revealInDwarfmodeMap() available


  • Added support for loading ruby 2.x libraries

New Plugins

New Scripts

New Tweaks


  • The DF path on OS X can now contain spaces and : characters

  • Buildings::setOwner() changes now persist properly when saved

  • ls now lists scripts in folders other than hack/scripts, when applicable

  • Fixed plug output alignment for plugins with long names

  • add-thought: fixed support for emotion names

  • autochop:

    • fixed several issues with job creation and removal

    • stopped designating the center tile (unreachable) for large trees

    • stopped options from moving when enabling and disabling burrows

    • fixed display of unnamed burrows

  • devel/find-offsets: fixed a crash when vtables used by globals aren’t available

  • getplants:

    • fixed several issues with job creation and removal

    • stopped designating the center tile (unreachable) for large trees

  • gui/workflow: added extra keybinding to work with gui/extended-status

  • manipulator:

    • Fixed crash when selecting a profession from an empty list

    • Custom professions are now sorted alphabetically more reliably

  • modtools/create-item:

    • made gloves usable by specifying handedness

    • now creates pairs of boots and gloves

  • modtools/create-unit:

    • stopped permanently overwriting the creature creation menu in arena mode

    • now uses non-English names

    • added -setUnitToFort option to make a unit a civ/group member more easily

    • fixed some issues where units would appear in unrevealed areas of the map

  • modtools/item-trigger: fixed errors with plant growths

  • RemoteFortressReader: fixed a crash when serializing the local map

  • ruby: fixed a crash when unloading the plugin on Windows

  • stonesense: disabled overlay in STANDARD-based print modes to prevent crashes

  • title-version: now hidden when loading an arena

Misc Improvements

  • Documented all default keybindings (from dfhack.init-example) in the docs for the relevant commands; updates enforced by build system.

  • autounsuspend: reduced update frequency to address potential performance issues

  • gui/extended-status: added a feature to queue beds

  • lua and gui/gm-editor now support the same aliases (scr, unit, etc.)

  • manipulator: added social activities to job column

  • RemoteFortressReader: Added support for

    • world map snow coverage

    • spatters

    • wall info

    • site towers, world buildings

    • surface material

    • building items

    • DF version info

  • title-version: Added a prerelease indicator

  • workflow: Re-added Alt-W keybindings

DFHack 0.43.05-beta2


  • Fixed Buildings::updateBuildings(), along with building creation/deletion events

  • Fixed plug output alignment for plugins with long names

  • Fixed a crash that happened when a LUA_PATH environment variable was set

  • add-thought: fixed number conversion

  • gui/workflow: fixed range editing producing the wrong results for certain numbers

  • modtools/create-unit: now uses non-English names

  • modtools/item-trigger: fixed errors with plant growths

  • RemoteFortressReader: fixed a crash when serializing the local map

  • stockflow: fixed an issue with non-integer manager order limits

  • title-folder: fixed compatibility issues with certain SDL libraries on macOS


  • Added some missing renderer VTable addresses on macOS

  • entity.resources.organic: identified parchment

  • entity_sell_category: added Parchment and CupsMugsGoblets

  • ui_advmode_menu: added Build

  • ui_unit_view_mode: added PrefOccupation

  • unit_skill: identified natural_skill_lvl (was unk_1c)

  • viewscreen_jobmanagementst: identified max_workshops

  • viewscreen_overallstatusst: made visible_pages an enum

  • viewscreen_pricest: identified fields

  • viewscreen_workquota_conditionst: gave some fields unk names

API Changes

  • Allowed the Lua API to accept integer-like floats and strings when expecting an integer

  • Lua: New Painter:key_string() method

  • Lua: Added dfhack.getArchitecture() and dfhack.getArchitectureName()


  • Added adv-rumors script: improves the “Bring up specific incident or rumor” menu in adventure mode

  • Added install-info script for basic troubleshooting

  • Added tweak condition-material: fixes a crash in the work order condition material list

  • Added tweak hotkey-clear: adds an option to clear bindings from DF hotkeys

  • autofarm: reverted local biome detection (from 0.43.05-alpha3)

Other Changes

  • Added a DOWNLOAD_RUBY CMake option, to allow use of a system/external ruby library

  • Added the ability to download files manually before building

  • gui/extended-status: added a feature to queue beds

  • RemoteFortressReader: added building items, DF version info

  • stonesense: Added support for 64-bit macOS and Linux

DFHack 0.43.05-beta1


  • Fixed various crashes on 64-bit Windows related to DFHack screens, notably manipulator

  • Fixed addresses of next_id globals on 64-bit Linux (fixes an automaterial/box-select crash)

  • ls now lists scripts in folders other than hack/scripts, when applicable

  • modtools/create-unit: stopped permanently overwriting the creature creation menu in arena mode

  • season-palette: fixed an issue where only part of the screen was redrawn after changing the color scheme

  • title-version: now hidden when loading an arena


  • file_compressorst: fixed field sizes on x64

  • historical_entity: fixed alignment on x64

  • ui_sidebar_menus.command_line: fixed field sizes on x64

  • viewscreen_choose_start_sitest: added 3 missing fields, renamed in_embark_only_warning

  • viewscreen_layer_arena_creaturest: identified more fields

  • world.math: identified

  • world.murky_pools: identified


Other Changes

DFHack 0.43.05-alpha4


  • Fixed an issue with uninitialized bitfields that was causing several issues (disappearing buildings in buildingplan’s planning mode, strange behavior in the extended stocks screen, and likely other problems). This issue was introduced in 0.43.05-alpha3.

  • stockflow: Fixed an “integer expected” error


  • Located several globals on 64-bit Linux: flows, timed_events, ui_advmode, ui_building_assign_type, ui_building_assign_is_marked, ui_building_assign_units, ui_building_assign_items, and ui_look_list. This fixes search, zone, and force, among others.

  • ui_sidebar_menus: Fixed some x64 alignment issues


  • Added fix/tile-occupancy: Clears bad occupancy flags on the selected tile. Useful for fixing blocked tiles introduced by the above buildingplan issue.

  • Added a Lua tile-material module

Other Changes

  • labormanager: Add support for shell crafts

  • manipulator: Custom professions are now sorted alphabetically more reliably

DFHack 0.43.05-alpha3


  • add-thought: fixed support for emotion names

  • autofarm: Made surface farms detect local biome

  • devel/export-dt-ini: fixed squad_schedule_entry size

  • labormanager:

    • Now accounts for unit attributes

    • Made instrument-building jobs work (constructed instruments)

    • Fixed deconstructing constructed instruments

    • Fixed jobs in bowyer’s shops

    • Fixed trap component jobs

    • Fixed multi-material construction jobs

    • Fixed deconstruction of buildings containing items

    • Fixed interference caused by “store item in vehicle” jobs

  • manipulator: Fixed crash when selecting a profession from an empty list

  • ruby:

    • Fixed crash on Win64 due to truncated global addresses

    • Fixed compilation on Win64

    • Use correct raw string length with encodings


  • Changed many comment XML attributes with version numbers to use new since attribute instead

  • activity_event_conflictst.sides: named many fields

  • building_def.build_key: fixed size on 64-bit Linux and OS X

  • historical_kills:

    • unk_30 -> killed_underground_region

    • unk_40 -> killed_region

  • historical_kills.killed_undead: removed skeletal flag

  • ui_advmode: aligned enough so that it doesn’t crash (64-bit OS X/Linux)

  • ui_advmode.show_menu: changed from bool to enum

  • unit_personality.emotions.flags: now a bitfield

API Changes

  • Added DFHack::Job::removeJob() function

  • C++: Removed bitfield constructors that take an initial value. These kept bitfields from being used in unions. Set bitfield.whole directly instead.

  • Lua: bitfield.whole now returns an integer, not a decimal


Other changes

  • Changed minimum GCC version to 4.8 on OS X and Linux (earlier versions wouldn’t have worked on Linux anyway)

  • Updated TinyXML from 2.5.3 to 2.6.2

DFHack 0.43.03-r1


  • Label widgets can now easily register handlers for mouse clicks

New Features

  • add-thought: allow syndrome name as -thought argument

  • gui/gm-editor

    • Added ability to insert default types into containers. For primitive types leave the type entry empty, and for references use *.

    • Added shift-esc binding to fully exit from editor

    • Added gui/gm-editor toggle command to toggle editor visibility (saving position)

  • modtools/create-unit:

    • Added an option to attach units to an existing wild animal population

    • Added an option to attach units to a map feature


  • autofarm: Can now handle crops that grow for more than a season

  • combine-plants: Fixed recursion into sub-containers

  • createitem: Now moves multiple created items to cursor correctly

  • exportlegends: Improved handling of unknown enum items (fixes many errors)

  • gui/create-item: Fixed quality when creating multiple items

  • gui/mod-manager: Fixed error when mods folder doesn’t exist

  • modtools/item-trigger: Fixed handling of items with subtypes

  • reveal: revflood now handles constructed stairs with floors in generated fortresses

  • stockflow:

    • Can order metal mechanisms

    • Fixed material category of thread-spinning jobs

Misc Improvements

  • The built-in ls command now wraps the descriptions of commands

  • catsplosion: now a lua script instead of a plugin

  • fix/diplomats: replaces fixdiplomats

  • fix/merchants: replaces fixmerchants

  • prefchange: added a help option

  • probe: now displays raw tiletype names

  • Unified script documentation and in-terminal help options


  • tweak manager-quantity: no longer needed

DFHack 0.42.06-r1


  • Commands to run on startup can be specified on the command line with +


    ./dfhack +devel/print-args example
    "Dwarf Fortress.exe" +devel/print-args example
  • Prevented plugins with active viewscreens from being unloaded and causing a crash

  • Additional script search paths can be specified in dfhack-config/script-paths.txt


  • building-hacks now supports auto_gears flags. It automatically finds and animates gears in building definition

  • Changed how eventful triggers reaction complete. Now it has onReactionComplete and onReactionCompleting. Second one can be canceled

New Plugins

  • autogems: Creates a new Workshop Order setting, automatically cutting rough gems

New Scripts

New Features

  • buildingplan: Support for floodgates, grates, and bars

  • colonies: new place subcommand and supports any vermin (default honey bees)

  • confirm: Added a confirmation for retiring locations

  • exportlegends: Exports more information (poetic/musical/dance forms, written/artifact content, landmasses, extra histfig information, and more)

  • search: Support for new screens:

    • location occupation assignment

    • civilization animal training knowledge

    • animal trainer assignment

  • tweak:

    • tweak block-labors: Prevents labors that can’t be used from being toggled

    • tweak hide-priority: Adds an option to hide designation priority indicators

    • tweak title-start-rename: Adds a safe rename option to the title screen “Start Playing” menu

  • zone:

    • Added unassign subcommand

    • Added only option to assign subcommand


  • Fixed a crash bug caused by the historical figures DFHack uses to store persistent data.

  • More plugins should recognize non-dwarf citizens

  • Fixed a possible crash from cloning jobs

  • moveToBuilding() now sets flags for items that aren’t a structural part of the building properly

  • autotrade, stocks: Made trading work when multiple caravans are present but only some can trade

  • confirm note-delete: No longer interferes with name entry

  • exportlegends: Handles entities without specific races, and a few other fixes for things new to v0.42

  • fastdwarf: Fixed a bug involving teleporting mothers but not the babies they’re holding.

  • gaydar: Fixed text display on OS X/Linux and failure with soul-less creatures

  • manipulator:

    • allowed editing of non-dwarf citizens

    • stopped ghosts and visitors from being editable

    • fixed applying last custom profession

  • modtools/create-unit: Stopped making units without civs historical figures

  • modtools/force:

    • Removed siege option

    • Prevented a crash resulting from a bad civilization option

  • showmood: Fixed name display on OS X/Linux

  • view-item-info: Fixed density units

Misc Improvements


  • DFusion: legacy script system, obsolete or replaced by better alternatives

DFHack 0.40.24-r5

New Features

  • confirm:

    • Added a uniform-delete option for military uniform deletion

    • Added a basic in-game configuration UI


  • Fixed a rare crash that could result from running keybinding in onLoadWorld.init

  • Script help that doesn’t start with a space is now recognized correctly

  • confirm: Fixed issues with haul-delete, route-delete, and squad-disband confirmations intercepting keys too aggressively

  • emigration should work now

  • fix-unit-occupancy: Significantly optimized - up to 2,000 times faster in large fortresses

  • gui/create-item: Allow exiting quantity prompt

  • gui/family-affairs: Fixed an issue where lack of relationships wasn’t recognized and other issues

  • modtools/create-unit: Fixed a possible issue in reclaim fortress mode

  • search: Fixed a crash on the military screen

  • tweak max-wheelbarrow: Fixed a minor display issue with large numbers

  • workflow: Fixed a crash related to job postings (and added a fix for existing, broken jobs)

Misc Improvements

  • Unrecognized command feedback now includes more information about plugins

  • fix/dry-buckets: replaces the drybuckets plugin

  • feature: now implemented by a script

DFHack 0.40.24-r4


  • A method for caching screen output is now available to Lua (and C++)

  • Developer plugins can be ignored on startup by setting the DFHACK_NO_DEV_PLUGINS environment variable

  • The console on Linux and OS X now recognizes keyboard input between prompts

  • JSON libraries available (C++ and Lua)

  • More DFHack build information used in plugin version checks and available to plugins and lua scripts

  • Fixed a rare overflow issue that could cause crashes on Linux and OS X

  • Stopped DF window from receiving input when unfocused on OS X

  • Fixed issues with keybindings involving CtrlA and CtrlZ, as well as AltE/U/N on OS X

  • Multiple contexts can now be specified when adding keybindings

  • Keybindings can now use F10-F12 and 0-9

  • Plugin system is no longer restricted to plugins that exist on startup

  • dfhack.init file locations significantly generalized


  • Scripts can be enabled with the built-in enable/disable commands

  • A new function, reqscript(), is available as a safer alternative to script_environment()

  • Lua viewscreens can choose not to intercept the OPTIONS keybinding

New internal commands

  • kill-lua: Interrupt running Lua scripts

  • type: Show where a command is implemented

New plugins

  • confirm: Adds confirmation dialogs for several potentially dangerous actions

  • fix-unit-occupancy: Fixes issues with unit occupancy, such as faulty “unit blocking tile” messages (Bug 3499)

  • title-version (formerly vshook): Display DFHack version on title screen

New scripts

  • armoks-blessing: Adjust all attributes, personality, age and skills of all dwarves in play

  • brainwash: brainwash a dwarf (modifying their personality)

  • burial: sets all unowned coffins to allow burial (“-pets” to allow pets too)

  • deteriorateclothes: make worn clothes on the ground wear far faster to boost FPS

  • deterioratecorpses: make body parts wear away far faster to boost FPS

  • deterioratefood: make food vanish after a few months if not used

  • elevate-mental: elevate all the mental attributes of a unit

  • elevate-physical: elevate all the physical attributes of a unit

  • emigration: stressed dwarves may leave your fortress if they see a chance

  • fix-ster: changes fertility/sterility of animals or dwarves

  • gui/family-affairs: investigate and alter romantic relationships

  • make-legendary: modify skill(s) of a single unit

  • modtools/create-unit: create new units from nothing

  • modtools/equip-item: a script to equip items on units

  • points: set number of points available at embark screen

  • pref-adjust: Adjust all preferences of all dwarves in play

  • rejuvenate: make any “old” dwarf 20 years old

  • starvingdead: make undead weaken after one month on the map, and crumble after six

  • view-item-info: adds information and customisable descriptions to item viewscreens

  • warn-starving: check for starving, thirsty, or very drowsy units and pause with warning if any are found

New tweaks

  • embark-profile-name: Allows the use of lowercase letters when saving embark profiles

  • kitchen-keys: Fixes DF kitchen meal keybindings

  • kitchen-prefs-color: Changes color of enabled items to green in kitchen preferences

  • kitchen-prefs-empty: Fixes a layout issue with empty kitchen tabs


  • Plugins with vmethod hooks can now be reloaded on OS X

  • Lua’s os.system() now works on OS X

  • Fixed default arguments in Lua gametype detection functions

  • Circular lua dependencies (reqscript/script_environment) fixed

  • Prevented crash in Items::createItem()

  • buildingplan: Now supports hatch covers

  • gui/create-item: fixed assigning quality to items, made Esc work properly

  • gui/gm-editor: handles lua tables properly

  • help: now recognizes built-in commands, like help

  • manipulator: fixed crash when selecting custom professions when none are found

  • RemoteFortressReader: fixed crash when attempting to send map info when no map was loaded

  • search: fixed crash in unit list after cancelling a job; fixed crash when disabling stockpile category after searching in a subcategory

  • stockpiles: now checks/sanitizes filenames when saving

  • stocks: fixed a crash when right-clicking

  • steam-engine: fixed a crash on arena load; number keys (e.g. 2/8) take priority over cursor keys when applicable

  • tweak fps-min fixed

  • tweak farm-plot-select: Stopped controls from appearing when plots weren’t fully built

  • workflow: Fixed some issues with stuck jobs. Existing stuck jobs must be cancelled and re-added

  • zone: Fixed a crash when using zone set (and a few other potential crashes)

Misc Improvements

  • DFHack documentation:

    • massively reorganised, into files of more readable size

    • added many missing entries

    • indexes, internal links, offline search all documents

    • includes documentation of linked projects (df-structures, third-party scripts)

    • better HTML generation with Sphinx

    • documentation for scripts now located in source files

  • autolabor:

    • Stopped modification of labors that shouldn’t be modified for brokers/diplomats

    • Prioritize skilled dwarves more efficiently

    • Prevent dwarves from running away with tools from previous jobs

  • automaterial: Fixed several issues with constructions being allowed/disallowed incorrectly when using box-select

  • dwarfmonitor:

    • widgets’ positions, formats, etc. are now customizable

    • weather display now separated from the date display

    • New mouse cursor widget

  • gui/dfstatus: Can enable/disable individual categories and customize metal bar list

  • full-heal: -r option removes corpses

  • gui/gm-editor

    • Pointers can now be displaced

    • Added some useful aliases: “item” for the selected item, “screen” for the current screen, etc.

    • Now avoids errors with unrecognized types

  • gui/hack-wish: renamed to gui/create-item

  • keybinding list accepts a context

  • lever:

    • Lists lever names

    • lever pull can be used to pull the currently-selected lever

  • memview: Fixed display issue

  • modtools/create-item: arguments are named more clearly, and you can specify the creator to be the unit with id df.global.unit_next_id-1 (useful in conjunction with modtools/create-unit)

  • nyan: Can now be stopped with dfhack-run

  • plug: lists all plugins; shows state and number of commands in plugins

  • prospector: works from within command-prompt

  • quicksave: Restricted to fortress mode

  • RemoteFortressReader: Exposes more information

  • search:

    • Supports noble suggestion screen (e.g. suggesting a baron)

    • Supports fortress mode loo[k] menu

    • Recognizes ? and ; keys

  • stocks: can now match beginning and end of item names

  • teleport: Fixed cursor recognition

  • tidlers, twaterlvl: now implemented by scripts instead of a plugin

  • tweak:

    • debug output now logged to stderr.log instead of console - makes DFHack start faster

    • farm-plot-select: Fixed issues with selecting undiscovered crops

  • workflow: Improved handling of plant reactions


  • embark-tools nano: 1x1 embarks are now possible in vanilla 0.40.24

DFHack 0.40.24-r3


  • Ruby library now included on OS X - Ruby scripts should work on OS X 10.10

  • libstdc++ should work with older versions of OS X

  • Added support for onMapLoad.init / onMapUnload.init scripts

  • game type detection functions are now available in the World module

  • The DFHACK_LOG_MEM_RANGES environment variable can be used to log information to stderr.log on OS X

  • Fixed adventure mode menu names

  • Fixed command usage information for some commands


  • Lua scripts will only be reloaded if necessary

  • Added a df2console() wrapper, useful for printing DF (CP437-encoded) text to the console in a portable way

  • Added a strerror() wrapper

New Internal Commands

  • hide, show: hide and show the console on Windows

  • sc-script: Allows additional scripts to be run when certain events occur (similar to onLoad*.init scripts)

New Plugins

New Scripts

New Tweaks

  • fps-min: Fixes the in-game minimum FPS setting

  • shift-8-scroll: Gives Shift+8 (or *) priority when scrolling menus, instead of scrolling the map

  • tradereq-pet-gender: Displays pet genders on the trade request screen


Misc Improvements

  • autolabor: A negative pool size can be specified to use the most unskilled dwarves

  • building-hacks:

    • Added a way to allow building to work even if it consumes more power than is available.

    • Added setPower/getPower functions.

  • catsplosion: Can now trigger pregnancies in (most) other creatures

  • exportlegends: info and all options export legends_plus.xml with more data for legends utilities

  • manipulator:

    • Added ability to edit nicknames/profession names

    • added “Job” as a View Type, in addition to “Profession” and “Squad”

    • added custom profession templates with masking

  • RemoteFortressReader: Exposes more information

DFHack 0.40.24-r2


  • Lua scripts can set environment variables of each other with dfhack.run_script_with_env

  • Lua scripts can now call each others internal nonlocal functions with dfhack.script_environment(scriptName).functionName(arg1,arg2)

  • eventful: Lua reactions no longer require LUA_HOOK as a prefix; you can register a callback for the completion of any reaction with a name

  • Filesystem module now provides file access/modification times and can list directories (normally and recursively)

  • Units Module: New functions:

  • Buildings Module: New Functions:



  • dfhack.run_script should correctly find save-specific scripts now.

  • add-thought: updated to properly affect stress.

  • hfs-pit: should work now

  • autobutcher: takes gelding into account

  • init.lua existence checks should be more reliable (notably when using non-English locales)

Misc Improvements

Multiline commands are now possible inside dfhack.init scripts. See dfhack.init-example for example usage.

DFHack 0.40.24-r1


CMake shouldn’t cache DFHACK_RELEASE anymore. People may need to manually update/delete their CMake cache files to get rid of it.

DFHack 0.40.24-r0


  • Events from EventManager: fixed crash error with EQUIPMENT_CHANGE event.

  • key modifier state exposed to Lua (ie Ctrl, Alt, Shift)


dfhack.sh can now be run from other directories on OS X

New Plugins

  • blueprint: export part of your fortress to quickfort .csv files

New Scripts

  • hotkey-notes: print key, name, and jump position of hotkeys


  • needs_porting/*

Misc Improvements

  • Added support for searching more lists

DFHack 0.40.23-r1


  • plugins will not be loaded if globals they specify as required are not located (should prevent some crashes)


  • Fixed numerous (mostly Lua-related) crashes on OS X by including a more up-to-date libstdc++

  • Alt should no longer get stuck on Windows (and perhaps other platforms as well)

  • gui/advfort works again

  • autobutcher: takes sexualities into account

  • devel/export-dt-ini: Updated for 0.40.20+

  • digfort: now checks file type and existence

  • exportlegends: Fixed map export

  • full-heal: Fixed a problem with selecting units in the GUI

  • gui/hack-wish: Fixed restrictive material filters

  • mousequery: Changed box-select key to Alt+M

  • dwarfmonitor: correct date display (month index, separator)

  • putontable: added to the readme

  • siren should work again

  • stderr.log: removed excessive debug output on OS X

  • trackstop: No longer prevents cancelling the removal of a track stop or roller.

  • Fixed a display issue with PRINT_MODE:TEXT

  • Fixed a symbol error (MapExtras::BiomeInfo::MAX_LAYERS) when compiling DFHack in Debug mode

New Plugins

  • fortplan: designate construction of (limited) buildings from .csv file, quickfort-style

New Scripts

  • gui/stockpiles: an in-game interface for saving and loading stockpile settings files.

  • position: Reports the current date, time, month, and season, plus some location info. Port/update of position.py

  • hfs-pit: Digs a hole to hell under the cursor. Replaces needs_porting/hellhole.cpp


New tweaks

  • eggs-fertile: Displays an egg fertility indicator on nestboxes

  • max-wheelbarrow: Allows assigning more than 3 wheelbarrows to a stockpile

Misc Improvements

  • embark-tools: Added basic mouse support on the local map

  • Made some adventure mode keybindings in dfhack.init-example only work in adventure mode

  • gui/companion-order: added a default keybinding

  • further work on needs_porting

DFHack 0.40.19-r1


New plugins

New scripts

  • remove-stress: set selected or all units unit to -1,000,000 stress (this script replaces removebadthoughts)

Misc improvements

  • command-prompt: can now access selected items, units, and buildings

  • autolabor: add an optional talent pool parameter

DFHack 0.40.16-r1


  • Events from EventManager should handle INTERACTION triggers a little better. It still can get confused about who did what but only rarely.

  • Events from EventManager should no longer trigger REPORT events for old reports after loading a save.

  • lua/persist-table: a convenient way of using persistent tables of arbitrary structure and dimension in Lua


New Scripts

  • adaptation: view or set the cavern adaptation level of your citizens

  • add-thought: allows the user to add thoughts to creatures.

  • gaydar: detect the sexual orientation of units on the map

  • markdown: Save a copy of a text screen in markdown (for reddit among others).

  • devel/all-bob: renames everyone Bob to help test interaction-trigger

Misc Improvements

  • autodump: Can now mark a stockpile for auto-dumping (similar to automelt and autotrade)

  • buildingplan: Can now auto-allocate rooms to dwarves with specific positions (e.g. expedition leader, mayor)

  • dwarfmonitor: now displays a weather indicator and date

  • lua/syndrome-util, modtools/add-syndrome: now you can remove syndromes by SYN_CLASS

  • No longer write empty .history files

DFHack 0.40.15-r1


  • mousequery: Fixed behavior when selecting a tile on the lowest z-level

Misc Improvements

  • Events from EventManager: deals with frame_counter getting reset properly now.

  • modtools/item-trigger: fixed equip/unequip bug and corrected minor documentation error

  • teleport: Updated with proper argument handling and proper unit-at-destination handling.

  • autotrade: Removed the newly obsolete Mark all functionality.

  • search: Adapts to the new trade screen column width

  • tweak fast-trade: Switching the fast-trade keybinding to Shift-Up/Shift-Down, due to Select All conflict

DFHack 0.40.14-r1


  • The DFHack console can now be disabled by setting the DFHACK_DISABLE_CONSOLE environment variable: DFHACK_DISABLE_CONSOLE=1 ./dfhack


  • Stopped duplicate load/unload events when unloading a world

  • Stopped -e from being echoed when DFHack quits on Linux

  • automelt: now uses a faster method to locate items

  • autotrade: “Mark all” no longer double-marks bin contents

  • drain-aquifer: new script replaces the buggy plugin

  • embark-tools: no longer conflicts with keys on the notes screen

  • fastdwarf: Fixed problems with combat/attacks

  • forum-dwarves: should work now

  • manipulator: now uses a stable sort, allowing sorting by multiple categories

  • rendermax: updated to work with 0.40

New Plugins

  • trackstop: Shows track stop friction and dump direction in its q menu

New Tweaks

  • farm-plot-select: Adds “Select all” and “Deselect all” options to farm plot menus

  • import-priority-category: Allows changing the priority of all goods in a category when discussing an import agreement with the liaison

  • manager-quantity: Removes the limit of 30 jobs per manager order

  • civ-view-agreement: Fixes overlapping text on the “view agreement” screen

  • nestbox-color: Fixes the color of built nestboxes

Misc Improvements

DFHack 0.40.13-r1


  • unified spatter structs

  • added ruby df.print_color(color, string) method for dfhack console


DFHack 0.40.12-r1


New Plugins

  • hotkeys: Shows ingame viewscreen with all dfhack keybindings active in current mode.

  • automelt: allows marking stockpiles so any items placed in them will be designated for melting


  • possible crash fixed for gui/hack-wish

  • search: updated to not conflict with BUILDJOB_SUSPEND

  • workflow: job_material_category -> dfhack_material_category

Misc Improvements

  • now you can use @ to print things in interactive Lua with subtley different semantics

  • optimizations for stockpiles for autotrade and stockflow

  • updated exportlegends to work with new maps, dfhack 40.11 r1+

DFHack 0.40.11-r1


  • Plugins on OS X now use .plug.dylib as an extension instead of .plug.so


DFHack v0.40.10-r1

A few bugfixes.

DFHack v0.40.08-r2


  • supported per save script folders

  • Items module: added createItem function

  • Sorted CMakeList for plugins and plugins/devel

  • diggingInvaders no longer builds if plugin building is disabled

  • Events from EventManager: EQUIPMENT_CHANGE now triggers for new units. New events:


New Scripts

Misc improvements

  • new function in utils.lua for standardized argument processing


DFHack v0.40.08-r1

Was a mistake. Don’t use it.

DFHack v0.34.11-r5


  • support for calling a lua function via a protobuf request (demonstrated by dfhack-run –lua).

  • support for basic filesystem operations (e.g. chdir, mkdir, rmdir, stat) in C++ and Lua

  • Lua API for listing files in directory. Needed for gui/mod-manager

  • Lua API for creating unit combat reports and writing to gamelog.

  • Lua API for running arbitrary DFHack commands

  • support for multiple raw/init.d/*.lua init scripts in one save.

  • eventful now has a more friendly way of making custom sidebars

  • on Linux and OS X the console now supports moving the cursor back and forward by a whole word.

New scripts

  • gui/mod-manager: allows installing/uninstalling mods into df from df/mods directory.

  • gui/clone-uniform: duplicates the currently selected uniform in the military screen.

  • fix/build-location: partial work-around for Bug 5991 (trying to build wall while standing on it)

  • undump-buildings: removes dump designation from materials used in buildings.

  • exportlegends: exports data from legends mode, allowing a set-and-forget export of large worlds.

  • log-region: each time a fort is loaded identifying information will be written to the gamelog.

  • dfstatus: show an overview of critical stock quantities, including food, drinks, wood, and bars.

  • command-prompt: a dfhack command prompt in df.

New plugins

  • rendermax: replace the renderer with something else, eg rendermax light- a lighting engine

  • automelt: allows marking stockpiles for automelt (i.e. any items placed in stocpile will be designated for melting)

  • embark-tools: implementations of Embark Anywhere, Nano Embark, and a few other embark-related utilities

  • building-hacks: Allows to add custom functionality and/or animations to buildings.

  • petcapRemover: triggers pregnancies in creatures so that you can effectively raise the default pet population cap

  • plant create: spawn a new shrub under the cursor

New tweaks

  • craft-age-wear: make crafted items wear out with time like in old versions (Bug 6003)

  • adamantine-cloth-wear: stop adamantine clothing from wearing out (Bug 6481)

  • confirm-embark: adds a prompt before embarking (on the “prepare carefully” screen)

Misc improvements

  • plants: move the ‘grow’, ‘extirpate’ and ‘immolate’ commands as ‘plant’ subcommands

  • digfort: improved csv parsing, add start() comment handling

  • exterminate: allow specifying a caste (exterminate gob:male)

  • createitem: in adventure mode it now defaults to the controlled unit as maker.

  • autotrade: adds “(Un)mark All” options to both panes of trade screen.

  • mousequery: several usability improvements; show live overlay (in menu area) of what’s on the tile under the mouse cursor.

  • search: workshop profile search added.

  • dwarfmonitor: add screen to summarise preferences of fortress dwarfs.

  • getplants: add autochop function to automate woodcutting.

  • stocks: added more filtering and display options.

  • siege-engine:

    • engine quality and distance to target now affect accuracy

    • firing the siege engine at a target produces a combat report

    • improved movement speed computation for meandering units

    • operators in Prepare To Fire mode are released from duty once hungry/thirsty if there is a free replacement

DFHack v0.34.11-r4

New commands

  • diggingInvaders - allows invaders to dig and/or deconstruct walls and buildings in order to get at your dwarves.

  • digFlood - automatically dig out specified veins as they are revealed

  • enable, disable - Built-in commands that can be used to enable/disable many plugins.

  • filltraffic - Restrict traffic on squares above visible ice.

  • filltraffic - Restrict traffic on every visible square with liquid.

  • treefarm - automatically chop trees and dig obsidian

New Scripts

  • autobutcher: A GUI front-end for the autobutcher plugin.

  • invasionNow: trigger an invasion, or many

  • locate-ore: scan the map for unmined ore veins

  • masspit: designate caged creatures in a zone for pitting

  • multicmd: run a sequence of dfhack commands, separated by ‘;’

  • startdwarf: change the number of dwarves for a new embark

  • digmat: dig veins/layers tile by tile, as discovered

Misc improvements

  • autoSyndrome:

    • disable by default

    • reorganized special tags

    • minimized error spam

    • reset policies: if the target already has an instance of the syndrome you can skip, add another instance, reset the timer, or add the full duration to the time remaining

  • core: fix SC_WORLD_(UN)LOADED event for arena mode

  • exterminate: renamed from slayrace, add help message, add butcher mode

  • fastdwarf: fixed bug involving fastdwarf and teledwarf being on at the same time

  • magmasource: rename to source, allow water/magma sources/drains

  • Add df.dfhack_run “somecommand” to Ruby

  • syndromeTrigger: replaces and extends trueTransformation. Can trigger things when syndromes are added for any reason.

  • tiletypes: support changing tile material to arbitrary stone.

  • work-now: can optionally look for jobs when jobs are completed

New tweaks

  • hive-crash: Prevent crash if bees die in a hive with ungathered products (Bug 6368).

New plugins

  • 3dveins: Reshapes all veins on the map in a way that flows between Z levels. May be unstable. Backup before using.

  • autotrade: Automatically send items in marked stockpiles to trade depot, when trading is possible.

  • buildingplan: Place furniture before it’s built

  • dwarfmonitor: Records dwarf activity to measure fort efficiency

  • mousequery: Look and poke at the map elements with the mouse.

  • outsideOnly: make raw-specified buildings impossible to build inside

  • resume: A plugin to help display and resume suspended constructions conveniently

  • stocks: An improved stocks display screen.


  • Core: there is now a per-save dfhack.init file for when the save is loaded, and another for when it is unloaded

  • EventManager: fixed job completion detection, fixed removal of TICK events, added EQUIPMENT_CHANGE event

  • Lua API for a better random number generator and perlin noise functions.

  • Once: easy way to make sure something happens once per run of DF, such as an error message

DFHack v0.34.11-r3


  • support for displaying active keybindings properly.

  • support for reusable widgets in lua screen library.

  • Maps::canStepBetween: returns whether you can walk between two tiles in one step.

  • EventManager: monitors various in game events centrally so that individual plugins don’t have to monitor the same things redundantly.

  • Now works with OS X 10.6.8

Notable bugfixes

Misc improvements

  • fastdwarf: new mode using debug flags, and some internal consistency fixes.

  • added a small stand-alone utility for applying and removing binary patches.

  • removebadthoughts: add –dry-run option

  • superdwarf: work in adventure mode too

  • tweak stable-cursor: carries cursor location from/to Build menu.

  • deathcause: allow selection from the unitlist screen

  • slayrace: allow targetting undeads

  • workflow plugin:

    • properly considers minecarts assigned to routes busy.

    • code for deducing job outputs rewritten in lua for flexibility.

    • logic fix: collecting webs produces silk, and ungathered webs are not thread.

    • items assigned to squads are considered busy, even if not in inventory.

    • shearing and milking jobs are supported, but only with generic MILK or YARN outputs.

    • workflow announces when the stock level gets very low once a season.

  • Auto syndrome plugin: A way of automatically applying boiling rock syndromes and calling dfhack commands controlled by raws.

  • infiniteSky plugin: Create new z-levels automatically or on request.

  • True transformation plugin: A better way of doing permanent transformations that allows later transformations.

  • work-now plugin: Makes the game assign jobs every time you pause.

New tweaks

  • tweak military-training: speed up melee squad training up to 10x (normally 3-5x).

New scripts

  • binpatch: the same as the stand-alone binpatch.exe, but works at runtime.

  • region-pops: displays animal populations of the region and allows tweaking them.

  • lua: lua interpreter front-end converted to a script from a native command.

  • dfusion: misc scripts with a text based menu.

  • embark: lets you embark anywhere.

  • lever: list and pull fort levers from the dfhack console.

  • stripcaged: mark items inside cages for dumping, eg caged goblin weapons.

  • soundsense-season: writes the correct season to gamelog.txt on world load.

  • create-items: spawn items

  • fix/cloth-stockpile: fixes Bug 5739; needs to be run after savegame load every time.

New GUI scripts

  • gui/guide-path: displays the cached path for minecart Guide orders.

  • gui/workshop-job: displays inputs of a workshop job and allows tweaking them.

  • gui/workflow: a front-end for the workflow plugin (part inspired by falconne).

  • gui/assign-rack: works together with a binary patch to fix weapon racks.

  • gui/gm-editor: an universal editor for lots of dfhack things.

  • gui/companion-order: a adventure mode command interface for your companions.

  • gui/advfort: a way to do jobs with your adventurer (e.g. build fort).

New binary patches

(for use with binpatch)

  • armorstand-capacity: doubles the capacity of armor stands.

  • custom-reagent-size: lets custom reactions use small amounts of inputs.

  • deconstruct-heapfall: stops some items still falling on head when deconstructing.

  • deconstruct-teleport: stops items from 16x16 block teleporting when deconstructing.

  • hospital-overstocking: stops hospital overstocking with supplies.

  • training-ammo: lets dwarves with quiver full of combat-only ammo train.

  • weaponrack-unassign: fixes bug that negates work done by gui/assign-rack.

New Plugins

  • fix-armory: Together with a couple of binary patches and the gui/assign-rack script, this plugin makes weapon racks, armor stands, chests and cabinets in properly designated barracks be used again for storage of squad equipment.

  • search: Adds an incremental search function to the Stocks, Trading, Stockpile and Unit List screens.

  • automaterial: Makes building constructions (walls, floors, fortifications, etc) a little bit easier by saving you from having to trawl through long lists of materials each time you place one.

  • Dfusion: Reworked to make use of lua modules, now all the scripts can be used from other scripts.

  • Eventful: A collection of lua events, that will allow new ways to interact with df world.

DFHack v0.34.11-r2


  • full support for Mac OS X.

  • a plugin that adds scripting in ruby.

  • support for interposing virtual methods in DF from C++ plugins.

  • support for creating new interface screens from C++ and lua.

  • added various other API functions.

Notable bugfixes

  • better terminal reset after exit on linux.

  • seedwatch now works on reclaim.

  • the sort plugin won’t crash on cages anymore.

Misc improvements

  • autodump: can move items to any walkable tile, not just floors.

  • stripcaged: by default keep armor, new dumparmor option.

  • zone: allow non-domesticated birds in nestboxes.

  • workflow: quality range in constraints.

  • cleanplants: new command to remove rain water from plants.

  • liquids: can paint permaflow, i.e. what makes rivers power water wheels.

  • prospector: pre-embark prospector accounts for caves & magma sea in its estimate.

  • rename: supports renaming stockpiles, workshops, traps, siege engines.

  • fastdwarf: now has an additional option to make dwarves teleport to their destination.

  • autolabor:

    • can set nonidle hauler percentage.

    • broker excluded from all labors when needed at depot.

    • likewise, anybody with a scheduled diplomat meeting.

New commands

  • misery: multiplies every negative thought gained (2x by default).

  • dig: designates every tile of the same type of vein on the map for ‘digging’ (any dig designation).

New tweaks

  • tweak stable-cursor: keeps exact cursor position between d/k/t/q/v etc menus.

  • tweak patrol-duty: makes Train orders reduce patrol timer, like the binary patch does.

  • tweak readable-build-plate: fix unreadable truncation in unit pressure plate build ui.

  • tweak stable-temp: fixes bug 6012; may improve FPS by 50-100% on a slow item-heavy fort.

  • tweak fast-heat: speeds up item heating & cooling, thus making stable-temp act faster.

  • tweak fix-dimensions: fixes subtracting small amounts from stacked liquids etc.

  • tweak advmode-contained: fixes UI bug in custom reactions with container inputs in advmode.

  • tweak fast-trade: Shift-Enter for selecting items quckly in Trade and Move to Depot screens.

  • tweak military-stable-assign: Stop rightmost list of military->Positions from jumping to top.

  • tweak military-color-assigned: In same list, color already assigned units in brown & green.

New scripts

  • fixnaked: removes thoughts about nakedness.

  • setfps: set FPS cap at runtime, in case you want slow motion or speed-up.

  • siren: wakes up units, stops breaks and parties - but causes bad thoughts.

  • fix/population-cap: run after every migrant wave to prevent exceeding the cap.

  • fix/stable-temp: counts items with temperature updates; does instant one-shot stable-temp.

  • fix/loyaltycascade: fix units allegiance, eg after ordering a dwarf merchant kill.

  • deathcause: shows the circumstances of death for a given body.

  • digfort: designate areas to dig from a csv file.

  • drain-aquifer: remove aquifers from the map.

  • growcrops: cheat to make farm crops instantly grow.

  • magmasource: continuously spawn magma from any map tile.

  • removebadthoughts: delete all negative thoughts from your dwarves.

  • slayrace: instakill all units of a given race, optionally with magma.

  • superdwarf: per-creature fastdwarf.

  • gui/mechanisms: browse mechanism links of the current building.

  • gui/room-list: browse other rooms owned by the unit when assigning one.

  • gui/liquids: a GUI front-end for the liquids plugin.

  • gui/rename: renaming stockpiles, workshops and units via an in-game dialog.

  • gui/power-meter: front-end for the Power Meter plugin.

  • gui/siege-engine: front-end for the Siege Engine plugin.

  • gui/choose-weapons: auto-choose matching weapons in the military equip screen.

New Plugins

  • manipulator: a Dwarf Therapist like UI in the game (ul)

  • steam-engine: an alternative to Water Reactors which make more sense. See hack/raw/*_steam_engine.txt for the necessary raw definitions.

  • power-meter: a pressure plate modification to detect powered gear boxes on adjacent tiles. gui/power-meter implements the build configuration UI.

  • siege-engine: massive overhaul for siege engines, configured via gui/siege-engine

  • add-spatter: allows poison coatings via raw reactions, among other things.