"adventure" tag index

Tools that are useful while in adventure mode. Note that some tools only tagged with "fort" might also work in adventure mode, but not always in expected ways. Feel free to experiment, though!

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add-recipe Add crafting recipes to a civ.
add-spatter (plugin) Add poisons and magical effects to weapons.
adv-fix-sleepers Fix units who refuse to awaken in adventure mode.
adv-max-skills Raises adventurer stats to max.
adv-rumors Improves the rumors menu in adventure mode.
bodyswap Take direct control of any visible unit.
bprobe Display low-level properties of the selected building.
cannibalism Allows a player character to consume sapient corpses.
changeitem Change item material, quality, and subtype.
cleaners (plugin) Provides commands for cleaning spatter from the map.
clean Removes contaminants.
clear-webs Removes all webs from the map.
createitem Create arbitrary items.
cprobe Display low-level properties of the selected unit.
flashstep Teleport your adventurer to the cursor.
forceequip Move items into a unit's inventory.
generated-creature-renamer (plugin) Automatically renames generated creatures.
ghostly Toggles an adventurer's ghost status.
gui/advfort Perform fort-like jobs in adventure mode.
gui/companion-order Issue orders to companions.
list-generated List the token names of all generated creatures.
launch Thrash your enemies with a flying suplex.
linger Take control of your adventurer's killer.
liquids Place magma, water or obsidian.
liquids-here Spawn liquids on the selected tile.
nopause Disable pausing.
plants (plugin) Provides commands that interact with plants.
plant Create a plant or make an existing plant grow up.
probe Display low-level properties of the selected tile.
questport Teleport to your quest log map cursor.
regrass Regrow all the grass.
rename Easily rename things.
rendermax Modify the map lighting.
resurrect-adv Bring a dead adventurer back to life.
reveal Reveals the map.
revforget Discard records about what was visible before revealing the map.
revtoggle Switch between reveal and unreveal.
revflood Hide everything, then reveal tiles with a path to a unit.
reveal-adv-map Reveal or hide the world map.
reveal-hidden-sites Reveal all sites in the world.
reveal-hidden-units Reveal sneaking units.
spotclean Remove all contaminants from the tile under the cursor.
save-generated-raws Export a creature graphics file for modding.
set-timeskip-duration Modify the duration of the pre-game world update.
stonesense A 3D isometric visualizer.
ssense An alias for stonesense.
tiletypes Paints tiles of specified types onto the map.
tiletypes-command Run tiletypes commands.
tiletypes-here Paint map tiles starting from the cursor.
tiletypes-here-point Paint the map tile under the cursor.
tweak A collection of tweaks and bugfixes.
unreveal Hides previously hidden tiles again.
unretire-anyone Adventure as any living historical figure.
view-item-info Extend item and unit descriptions with more information.