Tags: fort | animals | units

Command: warn-starving

Report units that are dangerously hungry, thirsty, or drowsy.

If any (live) units are starving, very thirsty, or very drowsy, the game will pause and you’ll get a warning dialog telling you which units are in danger. This gives you a chance to rescue them (or take them out of their cages) before they die.


warn-starving [all] [sane]


warn-starving all sane

Report on all currently distressed units, excluding insane units that you wouldn’t be able to save anyway.

repeat --time 10 --timeUnits days --command [ warn-starving sane ]

Every 10 days, report any (sane) distressed units that haven’t already been reported.



Report on all distressed units, even if they have already been reported. By default, only newly distressed units that haven’t already been reported are listed.


Ignore insane units.