Tags: fort | auto | labors

Command: autohauler

Automatically manage hauling labors.

Similar to autolabor, but instead of managing all labors, autohauler only addresses hauling labors, leaving the assignment of skilled labors entirely up to you. You can use the in-game manipulator UI or an external tool like Dwarf Therapist to do so.

Idle dwarves who are not on active military duty will be assigned the hauling labors; everyone else (including those currently hauling) will have the hauling labors removed. This is to encourage every dwarf to do their assigned skilled labors whenever possible, but resort to hauling when those jobs are not available. This also implies that the user will have a very tight skill assignment, with most skilled labors only being assigned to just a few dwarves and almost every non-military dwarf having at least one skilled labor assigned.

Autohauler allows a skill to be used as a flag to exempt a dwarf from autohauler’s effects. By default, this is the unused ALCHEMIST labor, but it can be changed by the user.

Autohauler uses DFHack’s debug functionality to display information about the changes it makes. The amount of information displayed can be controlled through appropriate use of the debugfilter command.


enable autohauler

Start managing hauling labors. This is normally all you need to do. Autohauler works well on default settings.

autohauler status

Show autohauler status and status of fort dwarves.

autohauler <labor> haulers

Set whether a particular labor should be assigned to haulers.

autohauler <labor> allow|forbid

Set whether a particular labor should mark a dwarf as exempt from hauling. By default, only the ALCHEMIST labor is set to forbid.

autohauler reset-all|<labor> reset

Reset a particular labor (or all labors) to their default haulers/allow/forbid state.

autohauler list

Show the active configuration for all labors.

autohauler frameskip <number>

Set the number of frames between runs of autohauler.


autohauler HAUL_STONE haulers

Set stone hauling as a hauling labor (this is already the default).

autohauler RECOVER_WOUNDED allow

Allow the “Recover wounded” labor to be manually assigned by the player. By default it is automatically given to haulers.

autohauler MINE forbid

Don’t assign hauling labors to dwarves with the Mining labor enabled.