Tags: fort | auto | plants

Command: seedwatch

Manages seed and plant cooking based on seed stock levels.

Unlike brewing and other kinds of processing, cooking plants does not produce a usable seed. By default, all plants are allowed to be cooked. This often leads to the situation where dwarves have no seeds left to plant crops with because they cooked all the relevant plants. Seedwatch protects you from this problem.

Each seed type can be assigned a target stock amount. If the number of seeds of that type falls below that target, then the plants and seeds of that type will be protected from cookery. If the number rises above the target + 20, then cooking will be allowed again.


enable seedwatch

Start managing seed and plant cooking. By default, all types are watched with a target of 30, but you can adjust the list or even seedwatch clear it and start your own if you like.

seedwatch [status]

Display whether seedwatch is enabled and prints out the watch list, along with the current seed counts.

seedwatch <type> <target>

Adds the specified type to the watchlist (if it’s not already there) and sets the target number of seeds to the specified number. You can pass the keyword all instead of a specific type to set the target for all types. If you set the target to 0, it removes the specified type from the watch list.

seedwatch clear

Clears all types from the watch list. Same as seedwatch all 0.

To see a list of all plant types that you might want to set targets for, you can run this command:

devel/query --table --search ^id --maxdepth 1


enable seedwatch

Adds all seeds to the watch list, sets the targets to 30, and starts monitoring your seed stock levels.


Add Plump Helmets to the watch list and sets the target to 50.


removes Plump Helmets from the watch list.