Tags: dfhack

Command: enable

Activate a DFHack tool that has some persistent effect.

Many plugins and scripts can be in a distinct enabled or disabled state. Some of them activate and deactivate automatically depending on the contents of the world raws. Others store their state in world data. However a number of them have to be enabled globally, and the init file is the right place to do it.

Most such plugins or scripts support the built-in enable and disable commands. Calling them at any time without arguments prints a list of enabled and disabled plugins, and shows whether that can be changed through the same commands. Passing plugin names to these commands will enable or disable the specified plugins.

If you are a script developer, see Enabling and disabling scripts for how to expose whether your script is currently enabled or disabled.


enable <plugin> [<plugin> ...]


enable manipulator

Enable the manipulator plugin.

enable manipulator search

Enable multiple plugins at once.