"bugfix" tag index

Tools that fix specific bugs, either permanently or on-demand.

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adv-fix-sleepers Fix units who refuse to awaken in adventure mode.
break-dance Fixes buggy tavern dances.
caravan Adjust properties of caravans on the map.
fix-unit-occupancy Fix phantom unit occupancy issues.
fix/blood-del Removes unusable liquids from caravan manifests.
fix/civil-war Removes a civil war.
fix/corrupt-equipment Fixes some game crashes caused by corrupt military equipment.
fix/dead-units Remove dead units from the list so migrants can arrive again.
fix/drop-webs Make floating webs drop to the ground.
fix/dry-buckets Allow discarded water buckets to be used again.
fix/empty-wheelbarrows Empties stuck items from wheelbarrows.
fix/general-strike Prevent dwarves from getting stuck and refusing to work.
fix/item-occupancy Fixes errors with phantom items occupying site.
fix/loyaltycascade Halts loyalty cascades where dwarves are fighting dwarves.
fix/population-cap Ensure the population cap is respected.
fix/protect-nicks Fix nicknames being erased or not displayed
fix/retrieve-units Allow stuck offscreen units to enter the map.
fix/stable-temp Solve FPS issues caused by fluctuating temperature.
fix/stuck-instruments Allow bugged instruments to be interacted with again.
fix/stuck-merchants Dismiss merchants that are stuck off the edge of the map.
fix/stuckdoors Allow doors that are stuck open to close.
fix/tile-occupancy Fix tile occupancy flags.
fixveins Restore missing mineral inclusions.
tweak A collection of tweaks and bugfixes.
uniform-unstick Make military units reevaluate their uniforms.