Tags: fort | productivity | jobs

Command: unsuspend

Unsuspends building construction jobs.

Unsuspends building construction jobs, except for jobs managed by buildingplan and those where water flow is greater than 1. This allows you to quickly recover if a bunch of jobs were suspended due to the workers getting scared off by wildlife or items temporarily blocking building sites.

See suspendmanager in gui/control-panel to automatically suspend and unsuspend jobs.




-q, --quiet

Disable text output

-s, --skipblocking

Don’t unsuspend construction jobs that risk blocking other jobs


This script also provides an overlay that is managed by the overlay framework. When the overlay is enabled, an icon or letter will appear over suspended buildings:

  • A clock icon (green P in ASCII mode) indicates that the building is still in planning mode and is waiting on materials. The buildingplan plugin will unsuspend it for you when those materials become available.

  • A white x means that the building is maintained suspended by suspendmanager, selecting it will provide a reason for the suspension

  • A yellow x means that the building is suspended. If you don’t have suspendmanager managing suspensions for you, you can unsuspend it manually or with the unsuspend command.

  • A red X means that the building has been re-suspended multiple times. You might need to look into whatever is preventing the building from being built (e.g. the building material for the building is inaccessible or there is an in-use item blocking the building site).

Note that in ASCII mode the letter will only appear when the game is paused since it takes up the whole tile and makes the underlying building invisible. In graphics mode, the icon only covers part of the building and so can always be visible.