Command: tweak

A collection of tweaks and bugfixes.


tweak <command> [disable]

Run the tweak command to run the tweak or enable its effects. For tweaks that have persistent effects, append the disable keyword to disable them.

One-shot commands:


Remove the missing status from the selected unit. This allows engraving slabs for ghostly, but not yet found, creatures.


Remove the ghostly status from the selected unit and mark it as dead. This allows getting rid of bugged ghosts which do not show up in the engraving slab menu at all, even after using clear-missing. It works, but is potentially very dangerous - so use with care. Probably (almost certainly) it does not have the same effects like a proper burial. You’ve been warned.


Remove the resident/merchant flag from the selected unit. Intended to fix bugged migrants/traders who stay at the map edge and don’t enter your fort. Only works for dwarves (or generally the player’s race in modded games). Do NOT abuse this for ‘real’ caravan merchants (if you really want to kidnap them, use tweak makeown instead, otherwise they will have their clothes set to forbidden).


Force selected unit to become a member of your fort. Can be abused to grab caravan merchants and escorts, even if they don’t belong to the player’s race. Foreign sentients (humans, elves) can be put to work, but you can’t assign rooms to them and they don’t show up in labor management programs (like manipulator or Dwarf Therapist) because the game treats them like pets. Grabbing draft animals from a caravan can result in weirdness (animals go insane or berserk and are not flagged as tame), but you are allowed to mark them for slaughter. Grabbing wagons results in some funny spam, then they are scuttled.

Commands that persist until disabled or DF quits:


Prevents adamantine clothing from wearing out while being worn (Bug 6481).


Fixes custom reactions with container inputs in advmode (Bug 6202) in advmode. The issue is that the screen tries to force you to select the contents separately from the container. This forcefully skips child reagents.


Prevents labors that can’t be used from being toggled.


Implements the “back” option when renaming a burrow, which currently does nothing in vanilla DF (Bug 1518).


Adds an option to butcher units when viewing cages with q.


Fixes overlapping text on the “view agreement” screen.


Fixes a crash in the work order condition material list (Bug 9905).


Fixes crafted items not wearing out over time (Bug 6003). With this tweak, items made from cloth and leather will gain a level of wear every 20 years.


Adds a job priority toggle to the jobs list.


Allows the use of lowercase letters when saving embark profiles.


Displays a fertility indicator on nestboxes.


Adds “Select all” and “Deselect all” options to farm plot menus.


Improves temperature update performance by ensuring that 1 degree of item temperature is crossed in no more than specified number of frames when updating from the environment temperature. This reduces the time it takes for tweak stable-temp to stop updates again when equilibrium is disturbed.


Makes Shift-Down in the Move Goods to Depot and Trade screens toggle the current item (fully, in case of a stack), and scroll down one line. Shift-Up undoes the last Shift-Down by scrolling up one line and then toggle the item.


Fixes the in-game minimum FPS setting (Bug 6277).


Adds an option to hide designation priority indicators.


Adds an option to clear currently-bound hotkeys (in the H menu).


When meeting with a liaison, makes Shift+Left/Right arrow adjust all items in category when discussing an import agreement with the liaison.


Adds an option to toggle cook/brew for all visible items in kitchen preferences.


Changes color of enabled items to green in kitchen preferences.


Fixes a layout issue with empty kitchen tabs (Bug 9000).


Allows assigning more than 3 wheelbarrows to a stockpile.


Color squad candidates already assigned to other squads in yellow/green to make them stand out more in the list.


Preserve list order and cursor position when assigning to squad, i.e. stop the rightmost list of the Positions page of the military screen from constantly resetting to the top.


Makes built nestboxes use the color of their material.


Displays percentages on partially-consumed items such as hospital cloth.


Replace fortress mode FPS counter with one that stops counting when paused.


Fixes reactions to produce gloves in sets with correct handedness (Bug 6273).


Gives Shift-8 (or *) priority when scrolling menus, instead of scrolling the map.


Saves the exact cursor position between t/q/k/d/b/etc menus of fortress mode, if the map view is near enough to its previous position.


Adds an option to toggle the economic status of all stones.


Adds a safe rename option to the title screen “Start Playing” menu.


Displays pet genders on the trade request screen.