Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: strangemood

Trigger a strange mood.


strangemood [<options>]


strangemood --force --unit --type secretive --skill armorsmith

Trigger a strange mood for the selected unit that will cause them to become a legendary armorsmith.



Ignore normal strange mood preconditions (no recent mood, minimum moodable population, artifact limit not reached, etc.).


Make the strange mood strike the selected unit instead of picking one randomly. Unit eligibility is still enforced (unless -force is also specified).

--type <type>

Force the mood to be of a particular type instead of choosing randomly based on happiness. Valid values are “fey”, “secretive”, “possessed”, “fell”, and “macabre”.

--skill <skill>

Force the mood to use a specific skill instead of choosing the highest moodable skill. Valid values are “miner”, “carpenter”, “engraver”, “mason”, “tanner”, “weaver”, “clothier”, “weaponsmith”, “armorsmith”, “metalsmith”, “gemcutter”, “gemsetter”, “woodcrafter”, “stonecrafter”, “metalcrafter”, “glassmaker”, “leatherworker”, “bonecarver”, “bowyer”, and “mechanic”.

Known limitations: if the selected unit is currently performing a job, the mood will not be triggered.