Command: stockflow

Queue manager jobs based on free space in stockpiles.

With this plugin, the fortress bookkeeper can tally up free space in specific stockpiles and queue jobs through the manager to produce items to fill the free space.

When the plugin is enabled, the q menu of each stockpile will have two new options:

  • j: Select a job to order, from an interface like the manager’s screen.

  • J: Cycle between several options for how many such jobs to order.

Whenever the bookkeeper updates stockpile records, new work orders will be placed on the manager’s queue for each such selection, reduced by the number of identical orders already in the queue.

This plugin is similar to workflow, but uses stockpiles to manage job triggers instead of abstract stock quantities.


enable stockflow

Enable the plugin.

stockflow status

Display whether the plugin is enabled.

stockflow list

List any work order settings for your stockpiles.

stockflow fast

Enqueue orders once per day instead of waiting for the bookkeeper.