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Command: starvingdead

Prevent infinite accumulation of roaming undead.

With this tool running, all undead that have been on the map for one month gradually decay, losing strength, speed, and toughness. After six months, they collapse upon themselves, never to be reanimated.

Strength lost is proportional to the time until death, all units will have roughly 10% of each of their attributes’ values when close to being removed.

In any game, this can be a welcome gameplay feature, but it is especially useful in preventing undead cascades in the caverns in reanimating biomes, where constant combat can lead to hundreds of undead roaming the caverns and destroying your FPS.


enable starvingdead
starvingdead [<options>]


enable starvingdead

Start starving the dead with default settings.

starvingdead --decay-rate 28

Undead will lose strength roughly once a month.

starvingdead --decay-rate 1 --death-threshold 1

Undead will lose strength each day and die after they have spent a month on the map.


--decay-rate <days>

Specify how often, in days, undead should lose strength.

--death-threshold <months>

How many months should undead lose strength for before being removed.