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Command: spawnunit

Create a unit.

This tool allows you to easily spawn a unit of your choice. It is a simplified interface to modtools/create-unit, which this tool uses to actually create the requested unit.


spawnunit [-command] <race> <caste> [<name> [<x> <y> <z>]] [...]

If -command is specified, the generated modtools/create-unit command is printed to the terminal instead of being run.

The name and coordinates of the unit are optional. Any further arguments are simply passed on to modtools/create-unit. See documentation for that tool for information on what you can pass through.

To see the full list of races and castes for your world, run the following command:

devel/query --table --search [ creature_id caste_id ] --maxdepth 3 --maxlength 5000


spawnunit GOBLIN MALE

Warp in a (male) goblin for your squads to beat on.

spawnunit JABBERER FEMALE --domesticate

Spawn a tame female jabberer for breeding an army!