Tags: fort | armok | units

Command: set-orientation

Alter a unit’s romantic inclinations.

This tool lets you tinker with the interest levels your dwarves have towards dwarves of the same/different sex.


set-orientation [--unit <id>] --view

See the unit’s current orientation values.

set-orientation [--unit <id>] <interest options>

Set the orientation values for the unit.

If a unit id is not specified or is not found, the default is to target the currently selected unit.


set-orientation --male 0 --female 0

Make a dwarf romantically inaccessible

set-orientation --random

Re-randomize the orientation values for this dwarf.

Interest options

Interest levels are 0 for Uninterested, 1 for Romance, and 2 for Marry.

--male <INTEREST>

Set the interest level towards males.

--female <INTEREST>

Set the interest level towards females.

--opposite <INTEREST>

Set the interest level towards the opposite sex to the unit.

--same <INTEREST>

Set the interest level towards the same sex as the unit.


Randomise the unit’s interest towards both sexes, respecting their ORIENTATION token odds.